Historical Development of Traffic Lights

This article will explain the history of the development of traffic lights in the world. Curious as to what its development? Check out the explanation in the following article.

At some intersections, sometimes there are still motorists who do not obey the traffic lights. Have you ever seen a violation through traffic lights? Lots or a few of these violations?

For example, the lights are red, but it’s still going on. That’s why there is rarely news that accidents often occur even between vehicle collisions.

Speaking of traffic lights, does anyone know why the colors are red, yellow and green? Why not green, yellow, gray, pink and blue?

Okay … ok … don’t sing. These are not song lyrics, but articles. Let’s continue.

Look friends, we must first understand that the function of the traffic lights is to manage traffic. Try to imagine, in big cities like Jakarta, for example, if there are no traffic lights, what’s that? Surely it will be chaotic. Traffic jam at the crossroads right?

Well, this is the traffic jam that made the history of the creation of traffic lights. In 1868, precisely in England, began to make these lights. The lights give a “Stop” and “Go” sign during the day. At night, just change to red and green. This lamp is powered by gas to turn it on. Therefore, 1 guard was placed to monitor the running of the lamp

Forty years after the accident incident signal guard officers, in the United States began to trend again this competition in the manufacture of traffic signals. In the early 1900s several people tried to patent the traffic light signal copyright. There were quite a few people who seized the attention at the time on the basic idea of ​​making a more modern traffic light signal.

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In 1910, Ernest Sirrine, made a signal regulator in Chicago. He uses two arms that are not glowing placed on a pole. The arm rotates on one axis and displays “Stop” and “Proceed” signs. Two years later, 1912, patented the first automatic traffic light by Lester Farnsworth Wire in Utah, United States. The lamp that he patented, still has two colors, red and green.

William Ghiglieri from San Francisco, United States. In 1917, he patented an automatic traffic light that he created. This Ghiglieri traffic light has a choice in its operation. Can be used manually or automatically. For colors at this traffic light, still uses two colors, namely red and green.

Three years after, 1920, police from Detroit, United States, William Potts, developed traffic lights that were operated automatically. In the hands of Potts, he developed three colors in traffic lights that until now still used namely yellow (as a sign for caution). Ten years later, John Allen, also patented a traffic light, but specifically for pedestrians. You know, the one with the button when crossing it. If you want to cross and then press the button, then the pedestrian symbol will turn green, and the traffic lights facing the vehicle will turn red.

That was a brief history of the development of traffic lights. Hopefully it can add to your knowledge information. Keep learning in Ruangguru spirit. If you have a difficult task to answer, let’s ask the tutor directly in the space online. Just take a photo and wait for the tutor who is willing to answer your difficulties. For more information, click the image below.


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