Prevention of Corona Virus with Masks, Is It Really Effective?

This article will discuss the phenomenon of using masks for the prevention of Corona virus. Can it really be effective? Check out the full review in the following article.

In early March 2020, the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, announced that there were 2 Indonesian citizens who were positively infected by the Corona virus. Lives in the Depok area, West Java, but is exposed to Corona in Jakarta.

“So, that means the virus is in Jakarta, bro?”

Relax, you must first read what needs to be done to deal with the Corona virus uproar in Indonesia. Both in schools, offices, shopping centers, or other public places, will certainly be noisy and afraid of this virus.

As we all know, that as of this writing, there has been no effective vaccine to eradicate the Corona virus. But, there are many ways to prevent it.

“Yes, one of them is by wearing sis mask”

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Is it true that masks can prevent us from contracting Corona? This discussion is quite interesting though. You see, the price of the mask is because of this Corona so many times over. Already so, the supply of masks in some pharmacies is also getting thinner.

Quoted from CNBC Indonesia, that the raw material for making masks in Indonesia is still imported from China and South Korea. While production until March 2020 has run out.

“What should I do, Sis?”

Yes, it doesn’t work either. The mask does not actually have much effect on preventing this Corona virus. In the WHO Instagram account (World Health Organization) also recommends the use of masks only for several conditions, including direct contact with sufferers of the Corona virus or experiencing coughs and colds.

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Look here, friends, at the 2020 National Health Work Meeting, Secretary of the Directorate General of Disease Prevention and Control of the Ministry of Health, Yurianto, said that the excessive use of masks was due to irrational reporting. There was even information, if you wear a mask, you can use a mask for surgery, or an N95 mask. If you use an ordinary mask, the virus can still enter.

Then, added that Mr. Minister of Health, dr. Terawan, once said that wearing a mask is not rational. The point is, use a maker for people who are sick.

That’s true If a person is sick it is better to wear a mask, so that the disease is not contagious. Well … unless you wear a mask to reduce pollution that enters the body. For example, if you often take public transportation like a train, or take an online motorcycle taxi, it’s okay to wear a mask. In addition, health workers who are more often physically in contact with patients, of course the use of this mask is already an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).

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Until now there has been no eloquent evidence that wearing masks for healthy people will protect them from this deadly virus. FYI for you, this Corona virus is transmitted through liquid, not air.

So, the most appropriate way to prevent this virus is its relationship with fluids. What?

Washing hands.

Washing hands with soap should be done more often. It seems that if you have to wear a mask, there are two causes.

First, you are sick. Either the flu, cough, or suspicion got this virus. Second, when using transportation the aim is to reduce the pollution of air pollution that enters the body.

Along with the increasing number of Corona positive patients in Indonesia, the government recommends wearing masks when doing activities outside the home. It is recommended for people to use cloth masks.

– Update April 7, 2020 –

Now, that was a brief discussion about masks to prevent the Corona virus. The existence of this virus try to take the positive side. Learn to live cleaner and as much as possible do not be too often in public places where cleanliness is not guaranteed.

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