Smartwatches and classic watches: technology or hands?

With the advancement of technology many aspects of our life have changed for the better. In fact, many things that before we did with greater difficulty or that required a greater amount of time to be realized, now we can do them in a really immediate and fast way. Precisely for this rather positive aspect,  the life of all of us, in the workplace and in society, has become completely technological , fast and often almost mechanical. Obviously all this technicality also has “cons”, mostly of moral origin, but it is undeniable that in many fields and sectors, “robotics” applied to things has improved, at least on the surface, our lives.

A general concept that can be safely applied to modern watchmaking,  comparing progressive smartwatches and classic watches , which represent in a fairly concrete way the “pros” and “cons” of technology.

Smartwatches or classic watches?

The needle of the scale that reaches out in choosing a watch over the other depends not only on personal taste but also on a series of functions that one offers and the other does not. Exclusive features of abi i models that can become  pro or con  depending on personal taste.

Certainly what a  smartwatches  can do cannot be done by a classic analog “hand” watch. For example, a technological watch such as a  Garmin smartwatch  is suitable for sportsmen, capable of monitoring about 15 sports profiles and being impeccable in  calorie counting, heart rate detection and timing your training sessions . The new smartwatches will allow you to  listen to music  quickly and easily thanks to an autonomous memory and not directly connected to your smartphone. But these are just some of the many functions, because a smartwatch will allow us to  make phone calls, send e-mails, manage our agenda and maybe set a sound alert to remind us of something. Furthermore, with this type of watch we could quickly view  the weather forecast and the external temperature, locate our position,  or another smartwatch connected to ours, or the position of our car so as not to forget where we parked it,  take photos, shoot videos ,  trace our smartphone in case of loss,  pay for purchases  quickly and use the apps on our mobile phone  without having to take the phone.  

Regardless of the multifunction, these smartwatches are customizable and suitable to be exhibited and worn in almost any situation. It is possible to personalize your smartwatches by choosing the “display” of the time as you prefer, for example by setting a digital clock or a numerical count for hours, minutes and seconds.

In short, in terms of functions, the smartwatches surpasses and imposes itself without possible competition on the classic watch. But even if the “winner” seems to have already been decreed, in reality the victory does not seem so obvious.


Because if we wanted to talk about lines and design,  the classic watch , the analog wristwatch, remains the  refined and classy watch  par excellence. The one to be exhibited during important ceremonies, the one that most of all, due to the wide range of genres and colors, manages to  reflect our style and our personality . An evergreen watch   that, even if it doesn’t keep up with technology, never goes out of style.

Therefore? Which one to choose? There is simply no better or uglier, better or worse one, but the only “weight” that can affect the orientation of the needle of your scale is exclusively your personal taste.


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