Some simple tips for picking up a car sticker

People want to see the car of his hobby look a little beautiful, so many times use different stickers in the car. When others work in a security service, they put stickers on the car to promote the company. The car sticker may look good at first, but after a while it doesn’t feel good anymore. Maybe get dirt or go from one side to the other. In this case, we want the sticker to be removed completely.

One of the most popular Batman stickers of all time

Obviously, it is very easy to pick up a sticker, but it is very difficult to pick up a sticker . Many times, when the sticker is lifted on the tenetsoon, its eighth stains stick to it. Particularly in the car bumper stickers that stick with the car year after year. It is customary to wear a car sticker. Many people have stickers on cars, windshields, windows, dashboards, etc. Today we will know how to easily pick up a sticker from a car. And some simple tips for easily lifting a sticker out of the car with no stains when lifting –


First of all you need to know what part of your car you want to remove the sticker from. Different components are used when lifting stickers from different parts. For example, one of the tools for lifting a sticker from a bumper is the same as when removing a sticker from the windshield. Before you know what ingredients you need to carry a car sticker –

  • Hairdryer
  • Razor blades
  • Credit card (older)
  • No clothes to clean
  • Glass cleaner
  • Detailing Spray
  • Adhesive Remover

Pick up the sticker with a hair dryer


  1. First, make sure that the part from which you pick up thecar’s stickers must be clean. The best is when the car starts to smoke and then the sticker lifts.
  2. Plug the hair dryer and hit. Try to give the sticker a straight angle without giving it a straight wind. Give a few inches away from the air when hitting. It will not be a problem with the paint of the car.
  3. Try to air a few seconds along the middle of the sticker and note that the exhaust air must be hot. Then try to give a hot hit to the sticker’s corner.
  4. After lightening the sticker with hot air, you can arrange to lift the sticker gently with a strong card or credit card. Or if a card is not reached by hand, you can pick it up with a nail sticker.

Pick up stickers with old cards

  1. Then rub the bottom of the sticker with a razor or blade.
  2. Once the sticker is removed, the adhesive remover should be sprayed and wiped with a clean cloth. Care must be taken to keep the cloth clean.
  3. If the sticker is in glass or windshield, you must carefully lift it with a razor. Permanent scratches are likely to fall on the glass or windshield alone.

Car sticker pick up at home   

If you do not have a hairdryer and need to pick up your car sticker then you can try some of the household items. You will find these ingredients in your kitchen. Let’s see what ingredients will be needed –


  • Boiling hot water (soaking the towel in hot water and then holding it directly on the sticker)
  • White vinegar (can be used the same way as boiling hot water).
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Lighter fluid
  • Alcohol is a national substance

All the ingredients needed to pick up a sticker


It is not always good to take a razor or something sharp. The method of lifting a sticker through a magnet is a very popular method. According to some experts, waxing in a car is much easier then taking a sticker. It has good dent paint on top of the car.

Many people have a lot of ideas about carrying a car stick . How to pick it up, how to get rid of the eighteen spots that remain. The above tips for solving these problems are useless. Keep the car of your hobby safe and secure as you go. Install Vehicle Tracking Devices on the vehicle. Watchtower is the first to build on local technology and features over 20 features. Keep an eye out for such a fun and informative blog of the car in the Bangla section of the watch’s website page or the watchman’s Facebook page. Read it yourself and share it with your friends.

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