Factors that cause distraction while driving

In the noisy city, the drivers have to suffer the most. The excitement, light, sound, sight and audibility of the city put a lot of strain on the nerves of the drivers. Driving and it always requires the driver to have some mental preparation and an environment of mindfulness. Driving in a noisy environment or in a state of mindfulness can lead to danger. There may be slight inconvenience to a major accident. Today, we know what can distract us while driving.

Talking on the phone

In most blogs and safety blogs you will read about how wrong it is to talk on the phone while driving. The phone was blamed for the fatal accidents on the road. If you just need to talk to your phone, you can park the car somewhere and then end the emergency. In this case many use hands-free / Bluetooth to reduce the risk. But one study has shown that as long as you use hands-free or Bluetooth, talking on the phone will distract your attention and make sure the accident happens.

Medical thinking

There are some people who like to think far and wide about small things. It once became a habit for them. And if all of these things happen on the highway, then there will be dire danger in the blink of an eye. So we need to stop dreaming during these days, especially while driving. Such meditative thinking  prevents us from paying attention while driving.

Message, post on facebook

Facebook is now our constant companion. Before you wake up you should see Facebook, before going to sleep, while eating, while studying. However, the most risky is that we almost all make the fatal mistake of Facebook while driving. 5 percent of adult drivers said they send short messages while driving, and they have no accidents. Where the accident occurred very easily in the case of the young driver. It turned out, we want to stay blameless by putting the blame on technology very easily. That’s not really the case.

Facebook is now a daily task while driving

Observation of road ferries

Driving to a city or village is not one, but we see only interesting and fascinating ads, billboards in the vicinity. It is almost impossible to turn away from these advertisements. These ads will grab all your attention. If you want your attention and hold will not be able to drive.

Play games on mobile / tabs

In the golden age of this technology, gadgets have been invented through which you can play games to drive cars. But do you really say so !!!

DVD players, iPods, iPhones, etc., can all prove to be deadly gadgets while driving. That is another thing if someone listens to music to wake them up or does something to cut the boredom. But a driver must refrain from crossing the line.

Driving while sleepy

3 percent of adult drivers said that sometimes they get sleepy while driving. And most of the time it is seen that the driver is not aware that his eyes will be awake at night, this is normal. And while driving in such a sloppy state, about 1 in 5 accidents occurred in the United States annually, 5 were seriously injured and 5 people died. In this case, we advise you to drink a cup of tea / coffee to wake you up. Or park a car somewhere and take a half-hour power snap.

Never drive a car if you get sleep

Look frequently at the child

Parents are always very caring for their child. But if you look at too many children while driving, your car may be disturbed and attentive. And accidents can happen. Therefore, while driving, do not look too much at the child, securely seat the child with a seat belt. It will not interrupt your attention.

Give the child an idea about seat belts and accidents

Maya towards pets

Man is the best creature of creation. As the best organism, it is natural to have a tendency towards other animals. But the result of something extra does not always produce good results. Many people get too busy with pets while driving, which can sometimes be bad evidence.

Traveling with a pet is not very safe

To be decorated / made for office

Mr. Bin, one of the acts still smiles when I remember. He was late to the office when he made a toothbrush in the car.

This kind of laughter has become fun for us now. Many of us get up in a car and do a makeup or get ready to go to the office, which is a deadly mistake. If you are in such a hurry most of the time, then you will have trouble determining your schedule. And we should refrain from doing such horrible things.

After getting dressed, get out of the house

To eat or to drink something

There are many of you who catch steering while driving and eat some food in the other hand. Or think that drinking a cup of tea will do nothing. They have to pay the fatal mistake for a lifetime. If you think you need to eat something, stop the car and eat it, then the trouble is gone.

It’s never okay to drive to eat and drink

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