Here are some useful tips for car battery maintenance

As a kid, everyone is less interested in batteries. Especially to see what is inside the battery. With regard to batteries, the complicated plus minus formula of batteries goes over many heads, so many people are curious to see what the batteries are actually made of. There is a difference between a regular use battery and a car battery. The batteries are made of different types. Different batteries are used for different purposes. Car batteries are the most sensitive. And expensive. You do not have to change the car battery daily. Use at least one, long years. Therefore, use the battery very carefully. It is possible to use a battery for several days if used with great care. Today we will learn about the many useful tips about car battery maintenance –

Car park in the garage

The car must always be parked in the garage. The garage should be done in a place where there is sufficient light air. If you park your car in a hot spot, the battery can quickly be wasted. There should be windows for ventilation in the garage. The dehumidifier can be installed in the garage. This will remove the excess humidity. The best solution is to have a small air conditioner installed. When building a garage, attach doors that are eco-friendly. Make light colors inside and outside the garage. Apart from this, there are some screens available in the market that help to keep the air flowing. Always park in the car garage before cooling off for a while.

Build a car garage

Keep the battery clean

Charges can expire quickly if the battery is dirty or the battery connection is dirty. In that case, the battery and its surroundings should be well cleaned. There are some domestic methods of cleaning the battery. Some household ingredients – such as protective gloves, baking soda, water, small towels, old toothbrushes, petroleum jelly, etc. Turn off the engine first. Unplug the battery. Mix the baking soda and water together. If there is no leakage in the battery case, the battery should be replaced by a new battery. Brush the baking soda mixture around the battery. When the mixture is dry, wipe with a towel. At the end, rub petroleum jelly.

Domestic battery cleaning components

Keep the car battery separate

Another easy way to maintain car battery maintenance is to keep the car battery separate. All you need is a foam cooler, duct tape to separate the battery box. First, cut out the foam box. Wrap the duct tape in the corners around the box so that the foam box will not spoil too much. Wrap the tape on it, the easiest way to fix the battery.

Battery maintenance and solar charger

You can buy a solar charger to charge your car’s battery. Although solar chargers are very expensive. Solar Charger will charge your battery with Solar Energy. At the same time, monitoring your device will tell you when the charge is full and when you need to remove the charger. This way you can maintain battery maintenance effortlessly.

Great solar charger

Use of distilled water

If you want to extend the battery life of your car, you must add some water to it. First turn off the car engine. Lift the hood of the car and check the battery. Remove the vent cap of the battery. Clean the top dirt before opening the cap. Then check each cell of the battery. Only use distilled water in the battery. The use of any other liquid is likely to cause permanent damage to the battery. Pour water through a small hole in the cell. Be careful not to over-water. Mixing with acid causes excess leakage when pouring excess water. If anything, please flush it. Finally retract the vent cap. Pour more water into the battery during the heat. Never open the vent cap of the battery and keep anything burning nearby. Always keep in mind that the battery is running low

Pure Distilled Water

Battery safety is guaranteed

The car’s battery must be kept in a safe place. Battery maintenance is important. If you see a gentle vibration on the battery then you must understand that there is a problem with the battery. In this case, liquid acid from the battery can cause an accident. Note that the battery tray is always clean. And the battery should be just as good when added.


You may not even realize the battery may be down at times. So always check the battery . Keep an eye out for all such fun information on the car’s website and Facebook page. Read it yourself with friends. The watchman is completely made in Bangladesh. With over 20 features, your car will provide maximum security.

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