Fallout 76 lock picking guide: how to pick locks

Fallout 76 is a multiplayer role-playing game that allows players to tackle missions and locations however they want. Players can find the keys to open a locked door or they can simply skip the key search and simply pick the lock with the lock picking skill. This Fallout 76 guide will help players learn to pick locks and level up the skill of picking locks.

Fallout 76 lock selection

There are four levels of lock picking. Level 0 locks can be opened without unlocking any perks. All players need is a fork, which they can acquire by exploring and buying from merchants. However, players need the Picklock perk for level 1 locks, the Expert Picklock perk for level 2 locks, and the Master Picklock perk for level 3 locks.

How to pick locks

When players choose the pick, they will see an overlay of a hairpin and screwdriver. Players must put the pin in the correct direction and then turn the screwdriver to open the lock.

If the pin is not in the correct place or direction, players will face resistance while turning the screwdriver. The closer the players are to the correct position or direction of the pin, the more they can turn the lock. Continue making adjustments to the position of the latch to find the correct position to open the lock. Eventually, the players will find the correct position and the lock will open. However, the picks will be destroyed in the process if they face too much resistance.

That’s it for our Fallout 76 Lock Selection Guide with tips on how to pick a lock. For more information on the game, see also our Power Armor locations guide and Wastelanders leather farming guide.


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