Silymarin: properties and benefits for the liver

.The beneficial properties of Silymarin to help the liver

Milk thistle has been used for many centuries as a remedy in the suffering of the liver, thanks also to numerous clinical studies that indicate that some components are active in milk thistle, in particular. silymarin, protect the liver from toxins, alcohol and drugs, and therefore the use of milk thistle is extremely recommended for those suffering from similar diseases, but not only in fact. The use of milk thistle or silymarin is often recommended for prevention of liver damage in subjects at risk.

The main components of the Milk Thistle

  • The most important is silymarin, it is actually a complex of bioflavonoids, called flavogliani (silibilina, silicristina, silidianina); generally the preparations of milk thistle are around 70-80% of silymarin.
  • Main uses
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • food poisoning
  • hepatitis
  • Acute gastritis from excessive food ingestion
  • cancer prevention
  • It is used in cases of poisoning by amanita decorated (very poisonous mushroom)

Some scientific data and contraindications

Silymarin helps the process of regeneration of liver tissues from alcohol abuse and other toxic substances that over time have contributed to the deterioration of the liver. Helping to protect new liver cells and reducing the inflammatory processes that are created in the body, but also has a strong antioxidant activity.
Favorable effects have been found in some clinical studies on chronic virus or alcohol hepatitis. Milk thistle can have a slight estrogenic effect, it can improve the amount of breast milk. milk thistle is generally free of side effects, but can have a laxative effect and cause nausea and allergic reactions, it can also stimulate menstrual flow, in particularly sensitive women.

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