L-carnitine: Properties and benefits for our body

The human body performs a large number of processes. Each of them allows you to enjoy the optimal functioning of the body. It is worth highlighting those that are related to those that provide energy . This is essential to stay active for much longer. One of the most useful elements for this is L-carnitine.

In this article we will see what L-carnitine is, what its properties are and what benefits it offers to the body.

What is L-carnitine?

  • Formula: C 715 NO 3
  • Molar mass: 161.199 g/mol
  • Amino acids: Lysine, Methionine
  • Skin: Causes irritation
  • Acidity: 3.8 pK a
  • Bioavailability: < 10%
  • Density: 640 kg/m³; 0.64g/cm³

L-carnitine is a molecule made up of two amino acids that the body is capable of producing on its own. For its formation, only the presence of lysine and methionine is required, which help to synthesize it in the liver and kidney. Once it is created, it acts as a conductor of fats , allowing the body to increase the presence of energy.

Depending on the amount present in the body, the person will have more or less strength , hence its importance. In the case of some people, it is possible that there is a deficiency of L-carnitine, either due to a health problem or due to the intake of high-fat foods. For this reason, they may need to ingest this molecule through supplements.

Debido a su efecto positivo en la energía corporal, se suele utilizar por deportistas y por quienes realizan una gran cantidad de actividades cada día.

Propiedades de la L-carnitina

Las propiedades de la L-carnitina no se limitan a producir energía, aunque sin duda es una de las principales razones para consumirla. A continuación, señalaremos otras características de esta molécula, y sus efectos en el cuerpo.


Although it is not its main characteristic, it should be noted that those who want to lose weight and, at the same time, maintain their muscle mass, have a great ally in L-carnitine, because it helps to fulfill both functions with great success. This is because it helps convert fat into energy , which is used when exercising.


It is not only important that the person have much more energy to exercise, but also that they have the ability to recover in the shortest possible time . In this case, L-carnitine helps greatly, because it acts directly on the muscle fiber, getting them to regenerate as soon as possible.


All the effects mentioned are related to the muscles, so, as the experts point out, one of the essential functions that L-carnitine fulfills is to take care of the muscles, preventing them from reducing their size, or from suffering injuries after physical exercise.

Benefits of L-carnitine for the body

L-carnitine offers very good effects on the body. When it is produced in the right amounts, the person enjoys a lot of physical energy , which allows him to carry out many activities during the day. Let’s see the benefits that this component offers.

Helps treat some diseases

L-carnitine can be obtained in the form of a supplement, which helps to counteract many physical ailments related to the lack of this component . Among these we find myopathies, cytopathies, valproic acid toxicity , etc.

Promotes increased energy

The main benefit of L-carnitine in the body is obtained by those people who exercise regularly . This is due to its two main effects: producing more energy and favoring the recovery of the muscles after performing them.

Allows you to lose weight

It is also possible to eliminate excess fat in the body , in addition to positively influencing the growth and maintenance of muscle. It should be noted that, although it is possible to lose weight using L-carnitine, the best results will only be achieved when demanding physical exercises are carried out in conjunction with its intake.

At this point in particular, it is necessary to seek the advice of a professional trainer , who can give the best suggestions to use L-carnitine in the right amounts and obtain the desired results, without risking health at any time.

How to take L-carnitine

L-carnitine can be obtained in different presentations, such as capsules or vials . There is no variation as to its effectiveness when using one presentation or another. The amount to use depends on the objective that is being sought.

to exercise

If what the person wants is to use it as a supplement to be able to carry out demanding physical activities, and have the necessary energy for it, it is necessary to consume one capsule or vial a day .

As a treatment for diseases

In this particular, it refers to the health problems that L-carnitine deficiency can cause. For each of them, the opinion of an expert doctor is necessary, who will indicate the amount to be applied. This may depend on the age of the patient . Although each case is different, below, we will see the most frequent doses.

  • Newborns. In any presentation, 50 mg should be administered for each kilogram of the infant. This quantity must be administered in a period of 24 hours, dividing it into several parts.
  • Children and adolescents. The dose to be used should be between 50 and 100 mg for each kilogram of the patient. This amount corresponds to the maximum allowed in one day.

Some conditions may require up to 200 mg per kilogram of the person , but this depends on your health condition, as well as the opinion of the treating physician. Similarly, it is necessary to be sure that the patient does not have an allergy to any of the components of L-carnitine. This is possible, despite being a component that the body can manufacture.

L-carnitine can be found in foods such as meat, pork, chicken, etc. In order to always be sure that its use is appropriate, the most important recommendation is always to consult a professional before consuming any of its presentations.


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