Oregano: therapeutic and beneficial properties for the intestine

Oregano: therapeutic and beneficial properties for the intestine

Nowadays many of us suffer from intestinal pain and various problems related to the difficulty in the digestive process. Oregano, already widely used everywhere in Mediterranean cuisine, has a varied amount of therapeutic properties and is an excellent natural remedy.It fights colds, flu and much more.

Oregano, a powerful natural antibiotic to help the intestine

Oregano (Origanum Vulgare) also known by other names: Erba acciuga, Maggioratica Selvatica, common oregano. It is a perennial aromatic plant, oregano reaches a height of 30-60 cm. Originally from southern Europe and north-western Asia, it is widespread in temperate climate regions. We find it in dry and hilly terrain, it grows spontaneously.

The properties of oregano: a plant rich in vitamins 

Oregano is a powerful natural antibiotic, very useful in respiratory diseases, it is a powerful anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antismasmodic, rich in vitamin A, B and C and has different antioxidant properties. It is widely used in aromatherapy and florotherapy and is considered very precious for its essential oil , considered by many to be the best antiseptic present in nature. Lord of the tables the oregano is massively present in the Mediterranean diet, its use gives flavor and makes foods richer, not that it proves an excellent method of preservation.

Oregano and prostate cancer

In recent years, some research has shown the ability of oregano to combat cancer cells that develop in humans, and consequently a particular tendency to combat prostate cancer that afflicts most of the male population.

Other properties of oregano and possible uses:

  • If used in the kitchen it allows to successfully fight meteorism.
  • The oregano infusion has an adjuvant capacity that allows it to counteract the progression of cellulite and orange peel
  • The herbal tea prepared with oregano is recommended in case of menstrual pain due to its analgesic action
  • In case of gastritis, ulcers and similar problems the use of oregano is not recommended.
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