Hedera Helix or Edera: beneficial properties for the body and against cellulite

The Ivy or Hedera Helix, is a very common climbing plant from which one can draw excellent beneficial properties for our body, thanks to its anti age function linked to its ability to eliminate the waste that our body accumulates through the epidermis. But not only because the ivy when used correctly can effectively fight cellulite thanks to a strong vasoconstrictor function . And if that’s not enough, Heder Elix is ​​a great natural remedy for coughs and arthritis.

The properties of the Hedera Helix, and the natural remedies it offers

The name of the ivy comes from the Latin, “Adhaereo” a verb that means adhere, it is a climbing plant that grows spontaneously in our country, this made it in the past very common for its use in different natural remedies: including against the irritated coughs , and to free the bronchi from excesses of phlegm, all properties due to the presence of saponins, a toxic substance that requires the utmost caution in the consumption of handmade preparations because a dosage error could cause problems in those who consume it.

The aforementioned saponins are responsible for the expectorant activity which leads to the fluidization of the catarrhal secretion which weighs on the respiratory system. The ivy extract is recognized for its spasmolytic action. This explains why Hedera Helix is ​​considered a powerful natural antitussive. Consequently, maximum care is always recommended when taking ivy based preparations because the berries are poisonous.
Furthermore, the use of this natural remedy is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation , and in cases of gastritis and ulcers.
However, the use of ivy is completely safe when applied for external use. Decoctions and infusions obtained with the leaves of this plant exert various beneficial actions for our body, especially against rheumatism , sciatica and arthritis. Several ivy packs are recommended for neuralgic disorders and also to combat candida alicans, thanks to the strong antimicrobial function of ivy that allows to easily kill this yeast.

Cellulite and cosmetics, the anti-aging effectiveness of Ivy

It is possible to use ivy very widely also in the cosmetic field: for body wraps, massages that benefit not only the whole body but also skin, hair, no doubt thanks to its ability to make the skin softer and more elastic, always thanks to its vasoconstrictor function, such is the efficacy in this sense of ivy that caution and caution in dosing is always recommended, because even small doses will bring you benefit.

Infused few ivy leaves allow a relaxing bath with sedative function for areas affected by cellulite, on the contrary a rinse allows you to make your hair strong and safe, renewing the scalp maybe in rigid months like January or winter, but remembering that ivy is a predominantly autumnal plant.

Currently ivy is widely used in cosmetics and in a series of products thanks to its ability to counteract also venous insufficiency, for example reducing ankle swellings and varicose veins, essentially its uses vary a lot and afflict different female problems but also masculine, maximum care is always recommended with dosages and storage away from children due to the toxicity of certain preparations.

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