Black currant: properties and uses against colds and sore throats

Blackcurrant is the fruit produced by a plant as old as precious for our health, in fact there are many properties of blackcurrant and the natural remedies we can draw from it, in fact it is particularly indicated during the flu periods to fight cold and sore throat .

The properties and natural remedies of the black currant “the universal panacea”

Black currant, scientific name: (Ribes nigrum) has long been cultivated in our gardens although before the Second World War it was harvested only spontaneously and therefore not cultivated. It is native to Europe, but has its roots in northern Asia up to the Himalayas, since ancient times.

It is a shrub with a tendency to form clusters and is up to 1.5 meters tall, with large leaves of opaque green. It produces clusters of pendulous purplish-green flowers, followed by round berries that ripen towards the end of summer. It prefers soils rich in humidity, especially in the woods and along the banks of water courses.

The properties of the currant and its remedies:

The fruits of the currant are rich in fruits are rich in vitamin C , citric acid, malic acid, trace elements, flavonoids, anthocyanins. It has different capabilities:

  • Diuretic
  • purifying
  • vasoprotector
  • Hypoglycemic agents (reduces blood sugar).
  • Anti inflammatory

The many uses of black currant:

  • Blackcurrant buds are used in phytotherapy and gemmotherapy because they are rich in essential oils, flavonoids and glycosides
  • they are used in the kitchen for the preparation of jams, tarts. They are excellent in muffins, smoothies or prepared in sauce for garnishing cakes and ice cream.
  • From the black currant an excellent juice is obtained, very appreciated and rich in vitamin C.
  • With the dried blackcurrant leaves, you can prepare an excellent tea.

Blackcurrant for treating sore throats and colds

For many centuries, these berries were harvested spontaneously, only then was its cultivation started.
The fruits were used in folk medicine to relieve sore throats and many other ailments, so that blackcurrant was called “universal panacea”. During the Second World War, its properties returned to the fore. The industrial production of bottled blackcurrant began, to be given to children with sore throats.

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