Is there any short formula for stock market investment?

In a word, there is a brief formula for investing in stock market. Different stock exchanges offer different types of stock market investments. But no formula can guarantee 5% of profits. Many are jokingly called the investment formula three surprises.

These three are BUY, HOLD and SELL.

That is, buying, holding and selling. When to buy a stock at a price, how long to keep it and when to sell it at what price. This is the basic formula for basic stock market investments.

The right company shares should be purchased at the right price. After that the right time to hold the shares for it. But it is a difficult task to hold or profit from the shares till this time.

It is possible to estimate the maximum purchase price and lowest price by drawing the daily share price and quantity of the selected company. In the initial stage of the price rise and sales before the peak, the profit can be made.

Those companies whose basic information is good, have to dare to buy shares of those companies at a lower price. As the stock market index continues to fall, many investors sell their shares in fear that the price will fall. As a result, the number of sellers increased and the prices were reduced. Such sales involve the race to sell for fear of selling out of fear.

If an investor has a good fundamentals, buying shares of such company at the right time will not be a difficult task to gain. Those who dare to swim in the upside of the stream can save the enjoyment of greater profit.

The value of the shares will increase or not decrease.

Stock exchange rules. Knowing and acknowledging this requires an investor. So we can conclude that there is a brief formula for investing in the stock market. However, buying and selling at the right time, at the right price, is one of the biggest challenges for the shares. Let everyone invest. Stay tuned to our Facebook page to get updates on the new stock market.

by Abdullah Sam
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