If a person invests Tk 5,000 in the stock market, how much profit can he make in a year?

There is no straight answer to this question. If someone owns an acre of land, the amount of income from that land depends on the location of the land. For example, whether there is water supply in pasture, haor, area, dry season. Coastal areas are at high risk for flood-affected areas. In the same way, it can be possible to make a profit of 25 to 20 percent on average if you can invest in a share business from low risk, low profit, high risk, high profit or between these two.

There is also evidence that the angle invested in the IPO has lost 25 to 5 percent in a company’s shares. Profit at Exim Bank, Popular Life Insurance and First Islamic Life Insurance was 5 to 8 percent.

Investor has made a lot of money in the IPO of Mutual Trust Bank, International Leasing, Shahjalan Bank. It is difficult to say for sure how much profit there will be. About half the stock price fluctuates two to three times a year. If one can earn 5% in each court, three times the profit will be 3%.

The key is to develop a profit strategy. If you can cope with excessive greed from the leg, it is possible to make a 25 to 5 percent return on long-term investment.

First Light published a statistic on July 2, how much the price went up per share from July 28 to July 25. You will see the rate of inflation.


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