What is the reason why the new investor eats the stock market?

Stock market or capital market money making machine is one of the means of money loss. In today’s post, we will talk about why new investors eat the stock market. Hopefully the writing will help open the door to investing in new investors.

In a nutshell, those who are less concerned about the market. By investing in the secondary market, people are less likely to suffer losses when they hear it. As a new investor, one of the 5 reasons why you can eat Los Angeles is inferior.

  1. Lack of knowledge or inability to understand the stock market.
  2. Buying more risky shares with less capital.
  3. Holding shares without selling at the right time in hopes of making more profit.
  4. Lack of patience.
  5. Getting extra fear.
  6. Selling merchandise without accounting for risk.
  7. Buying or selling rumors.
  8. The commission is less likely to buy into a weak broker house.
  9. Misinterpretation of a company’s correct interpretation of its news.
  10. Come to share trading for a very short time.


Lack of Discipline is not called in contact with the market. When it comes to selling, one of the reasons to buy is eating gluten. At the same time, when selling, holding shares in hopes of gaining additional profits can result in a loss.

If you can set up the right broker house, there is a little safe in many ways. Those who have good gold, who have skilled manpower, should choose this broker house to come to this business. Many share experiences say that many people turn away from the market by losing their capital for misinformation of friends, neighbors, especially Facebook. Two types of mixed reactions between those who once consumed a lot of money can be noticed.

2. The person who loses the money comes back to raise money and then loses it.

2. There is a negative perception about the stock market and they do not want to return to the stock market anymore.

A new investor should first enter the market through IPO . After that, when you experience a gradual increase in investment. But of course, the extra fears and excessive greed both of these money multiplied the loss of money. Let everyone invest. Stay tuned to our Facebook page to get updates on the new stock market

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