Seven types of men to keep their distance

One of the unquestionable symptoms of passion, blindness can be dangerous and prevent you from taking out of your life a person who will only bring suffering and harm. The ” trouble men ” are scattered around, hiding behind charming faces and making hundreds of victims every day.

It is not difficult to define when a relationship can be harmful or not, especially when the victim ends up trusting his partner entirely and closes his eyes to the wrong things. You love him and don’t care if all your family and friends are against the relationship and try to open your eyes.

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There are several types of problem men, in different categories and for different reasons. However, the fact is that the capacity of these men to bring physical and psychological damage to the women they are involved with is great, especially when the partner takes too long to see the reality. Whether that is your case at the moment or not, check out the list of seven types of men that should be avoided for a relationship:

  1. Short fuse

Assessing your partner’s behavior in times of stress is a great way to see if you are with someone harmful or not. Some attitudes are acceptable in case of irritation, such as speaking louder, isolating yourself and even saying things you shouldn’t do due to the impulses of the destructive feeling.

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However, if your man becomes a threatening person when angry, the alert is red for the relationship. If he breaks objects, threatens you, or touches you in these circumstances, the behavior is unacceptable and demonstrates emotional fragility and an inability to deal with one’s emotions. The result can be a violent and cowardly husband. (Types of violence against women)

  1. Explorers

The money issue is a very delicate one in relationships. There are couples in which the man insists on paying everything, while in others there is a fair division of accounts. If you earn more than your partner, it is natural that some bills end up falling on your back, without any apparent problem.

However, the issue is aggravated when the partner takes advantage of the financial situation and acts in an exploratory way, showing that the financial interest is greater than the feeling for the person. The exploiting men are usually those who do not bother to work, ask for money shamelessly and do not show consideration or respect for their partner, taking advantage of her feeling to get what they want.

  1. Addicts

You may have become involved with a drug or alcohol user, and this may not be the main reason for giving up. If you are able to help your partner to recover, through treatments that he is motivated to do, it is possible to get out of this and remake life for two without negative consequences.

However, be careful if the person you care about has no interest in recovery, acts aggressively, has frequent relapses and attitudes of financial exploitation due to addiction. You cannot save a person who does not want to be saved, and however hard you try, such a relationship will do more harm in your life than good times.

  1. Too jealous

Men who try to restrict their partners’ freedom out of jealousy do not deserve the investment, as it is a clear sign of unhappiness now and in the future. If your partner tries to measure the size of your skirt, makes interrogations and has jealousy, know that this behavior will hardly pass over time, even if he promises to change.

Psychologically unstable men can become violent and highly possessive people, which will wreak havoc in all areas of their life. Do not insist on a destructive relationship, even if you hope one day to change things. (Check out 10 types of jealous that you should avoid 🙂

  1. Pre-disposition to psychopathy

It is not easy to identify a psychopathic or sociopathic man, mainly because many are hidden in beautiful appearances and appear to be perfectly normal. According to psychology, a psychopath is a person who has no moral conscience, is devoid of guilt and unable to feel compassion for others.

Although few go to the extreme of committing murder, there are many sociopaths who use manipulation as their primary weapon. It can cause severe psychological damage to you, it is able to play with your mind, turn the tide and make you feel guilty about his mistakes, without any capacity to feel remorse for what he does.

  1. Hooligans

Having a beer with friends, going to football and other male commitments must be respected, since love relationships cannot become prisons. However, there is a limit on attitudes, and the red alert is lit when your partner appears to have no interest in your company.

He spends the day out, does what he wants and just doesn’t think about you. There is no time for both of them and no interest on his part in making couples programs . He is always involved with friends, drinking, parties and totally loses respect for you. This type of man shows that he does not care about the woman next to him and can be harmful in his life.

  1. Without a vision of the future

If you are with someone you plan to build a future in, you need to analyze whether that person also has this same desire. If you study or work, think about what profession you want to follow, what steps you have to take and look at life responsibly, having someone on your side who does the same is almost a must.

Observe whether the person you care about has plans for the future, whether or not to pursue a career. If he doesn’t study or doesn’t work, he just wants to know how to have fun with friends and doesn’t have an ounce of responsibility, maybe that person isn’t mature enough to handle the relationship you plan to have with him. (Attitudes that indicate immaturity in a man).

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