Can a man change for love?

An unknown in the female universe has always been whether or not it is possible to change a man. While there are people who believe in this idea, many others claim that it is impossible, because love is not able to make a man transform. However, there are many women who are still in this fight and, while some get results, others end up even giving up on the relationship.

The topic is complicated and it is not possible to give a single answer. The truth is that everything depends on variables, such as what the woman wants to change in the man, how much the man likes what he does and how much he wants to change or not. It is not possible to change a person who does not see any problem in his behavior , for example.

However, passionate men go to the extreme of promises when a woman threatens to end the relationship. If she can no longer stand his delays and lack of responsibility in the commitment, for example, the fear of losing the loved one can cause the man to change for real, however, this change is not always definitive.

There are several small details that can influence a lot in each case. There are women who have managed to change their men for some reason, while others have adopted an impossible cause. However, unless his defect is really harmful, the most correct thing is to accept the defects and learn to live with them, since you must also do things that he does not approve of.

Habits and personality

There is a shallow line that differs what is habit from what is personality and, understanding this difference is fundamental to find an answer for your case. In general, a man is unlikely to change if what bothers you is a personality trait. However, if they are habits, it is possible that he will be able to replace those bad habits with better ones.

An example of personality is if you are with a person who is passionate about football. He often swaps you for games with friends and games on TV. The passion is great and you see him stressed and worried for reasons he doesn’t understand, since you don’t like football. In this case, wanting to change a person’s taste is practically impossible and it is best to give up.

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However, if your case is something in everyday life that he does without realizing it, it may be possible to cause a change in behavior over time. If he doesn’t help you at home, for example, you need to create awareness in the boy about the need to share tasks so that he doesn’t get too heavy for anyone. The challenge can be very difficult, but if he becomes aware, the victory will be yours.


By reading this far, you have probably figured out whether or not there are chances of changing your loved one. If you found it possible, the news is excellent, but the challenge remains. When trying to change a man’s attitudes, many women choose the wrong path, creating fights, arguments and frequent disagreements.

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The more aggressively you deal with this situation, the worse the chances of achieving something, as the basis for change is his awareness. He has to understand that there is a serious problem, how much it harms you and the relationship and the importance of striving to change and have a more peaceful life together.

In practice, you should get into the subject without a climate of tension and stress and look for alternative ways to approach the problem according to its magnitude. In case of little success in all attempts, it is necessary to reflect on how to accept this defect and live with it. Unless it is something destructive, like an addiction that he doesn’t want to leave, for example, there is no point in ending a relationship for small things.

How to bring about change?

Changing someone’s habit is quite complicated, however, it is possible to succeed through patience. There are many cases of men who have completely changed their attitude thanks to the help of their wives, becoming better people.

The same has also happened to many women, which proves that it is possible to help change someone.

  • Be patient, never shout or let yourself be carried away by stress;
  • Address the problem in indirect ways, showing its consequences;
  • End the conversation immediately when it is becoming a fight;
  • Put yourself in his shoes, remember that you are not necessarily right;
  • Think with him about possible alternative solutions;
  • Reflect if the problem is really that serious and needs to be changed;
  • In some cases, psychological help or treatment may be necessary.

When is it better to give up?

Judging whether the case has salvation or whether it is better to give up is something that can only be done by you and this must occur at the right time. Insisting on something without a solution can cause the relationship to wear out, hinder coexistence and even result in the end of the relationship for a reason that may not be so relevant.

In general, understanding that it is not possible to change it is something that occurs after many failed attempts. You tried peacefully, showed the problem and why it should end and he never reacted comprehensively. If it is a problem caused by his great passion, for example, it is almost impossible to achieve any results.

Another situation that is better to give up is when he makes promises after promises, but is unable to deliver. This is the case for a man who cannot be faithful, for example. (How to conquer a chicken man?) . You give it a new chance and see by his desperation that this time will change, however, everything happens again and the most affected is you. In this case, it is a character deviation that will hardly be changed and it is best to give up the relationship.

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