Body language: 10 signs that he wants you

The beginning of flirting is a tense moment for both sides. Both men and women are dominated by insecurity and, as much as their interest in each other is clear, it is very difficult to be sure of the feeling of others. Flirting is a process that evolves little by little, begins discreetly and gains more and more space.

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Generally, the flirtation starts with a distant contact. If the two have daily contact, like classmates, for example, the evolution is faster. What begins with a timid interest takes shape until the two are already interested enough to make an invitation and carry on the relationship.

Despite being a natural process, it is common to have doubts, fear of being mistaken or of the case having no future. During flirting, many people end up in love and, when they realize, they are willing to do anything to make the relationship progress. However, patience and security in itself are fundamental virtues to get what you want.

->  Know what you are feeling, whether it is passion or sexual attraction.

For now, the most important thing is to make sure the level of interest of the loving target. After this stage, it is necessary to work your own mind so as not to act impulsively and let things happen in their time. Furthermore, monitoring your own behavior to pass on the right signs of interest is essential.

Here are 10 body signals that show that he is in the mood :

1. Look

This sign is fatal and only with it is it possible to fully understand the mutual interest between two people. If you go into a place and immediately get his attention, everything indicates that there is interest.

When there is an exchange of looks, the time that the eyes meet is usually longer than usual. Another sign that involves the eyes is the pupils. When there is interest in someone, the pupils dilate as soon as that person appears. However, because it is somewhat discreet, it is more difficult to understand.

2. Smiles

When you’re in love with someone, smiling in their presence is totally involuntary and unconscious. He looks at you, fixes his gaze and then opens that smile that should probably be passionate for you. This does not mean that he is a very nice person, but that he is happy just to have you in sight.

3. Touch

A very common feature in men is the touch. When they are interested in a woman, they seek approximation through physical contact.

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Subtly, he starts to touch the shoulder, the hair, the head and even the hand in some cases. Everything lightly and like someone who wants nothing.

4. Position of the legs

Notice how he leaves his legs when he’s sitting next to you. There are two movements that are very common in men when the woman they want is close. One is to maintain the position of the legs in the direction of the target. The other sign is to leave your legs open, as if showing the sexual organ.

5. Approach

If, when you talk, he approaches your face to hear better, the signal indicates strong attraction. He may not even be interested in the conversation, but he will come closer to close the distance between you. Another common attitude is when the man approaches to remove an eyelash on the woman’s face. The rapprochement creates sexual tension for both parties.

6. Attempts to draw attention

When you start to find the man you like too silly, it is a sign that maybe he is doing something to get your attention. When you are in the same environment, he starts dancing alone, speaks louder, laughs louder and stands out among other people. The attitude is also unconscious and shows that he wants to be seen by you.

7. Nervousness

Notice how it behaves when you are talking. It may be that he is always calm because he has a calm personality, but in many cases, the man shows clear signs of nervousness.

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He starts talking faster, gets in the way of what he’s saying, and makes you laugh because he said something silly.

8. Tasteless games

Do you know when the eight-year-old boy runs after the little girl in the school playground and pulls her hair? The child is already showing signs of interest in his colleague. When men grow up, little changes in that direction. He makes jokes about your name, teases and makes you end up slapping him. Annoying is one of the male attitudes that show interest and willingness to get someone’s attention.

9. Puffed chest

Showing virility is also one of the typical behaviors of men who are interested in someone. When the target is close, he stoves his chest and tries to show a more masculine and handsome physique, even if he doesn’t have a defined body. The attitude is totally unconscious and may even go unnoticed if you are not very observant.

10. Compare members

Another fatal sign is when he starts to compare his body with yours. Touch your hand to see who has the longest fingers or measure your height in relation to his. This attitude is an excuse not only for touching, but also for creating intimacy in some way. In addition, the signal is more common when the weather is very strong and it is very close to something happening, like rolling a kiss, for example

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