Seven tips to eliminate blackheads

The black spots are the primary lesion of one of the types of acne , called comedoniado. It is a hard mass of keratin and sebum that obstructs and dilates the follicular opening.

“The part of the comedo exposed to the outside is darkened by oxidative changes and the bottom or deep part is white. Other comedones do not have that opening to the outside and are whitish-colored spherical structures (closed comedone) ”, explains Miguel Casas, dermatologist at the Asturias Medical Center , in Oviedo.

The expert continues stating that “acne lesions are the result of complex and bacterial hormonal effects on the pilosebaceous follicle. Other factors such as psychic stress, diet, manipulation or inadequate treatments can also cause problems ”.

To combat the problem effectively, experts give these tips to eliminate blackheads:

1) Hygiene

“Skin hygiene with appropriate detergents is an essential part of therapy and is highly appreciated by patients,” says Casas.

Bibiana Pérez, dermatologist at the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology ( AEDV ), is committed to regularly using non-aggressive soaps or syndets and carefully removing makeup with specific products.

2) Masks and scrubs

Pérez points out that “specific masks and scrubs, used on a regular basis, also reduce black points.” In addition, cosmetics with retinol derivatives and alpha-hydroxy acids help prevent the appearance of this type of injury.

2) Hydration

The dermatologist points out that “there are specific non-comedogenic, fat-free moisturizers on the market , suitable for this type of oily skin.”

3) Acne Treatments

There are several active ingredients for topical use that have beneficial effects against acne. Casas gives as an example benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, retinoic acid, isotretinoin, adapalen, among others. “Applied with constancy they present very good results after a few months,” he says. The expert recalls that “you should always go to the dermatologist to start these therapeutic measures.”

4) Topical antibiotics

For its part, topical antibiotics should only be applied in the event of inflammatory lesions.

5) Peeling

Superficial peels can also be performed. These treatments are carried out in the medical consultation.

6) Avoid manual removal

Casas points out that manual removal of comedones is only indicated in senile comedones, but never in acne.

7) Hormonal control in women

Oral contraceptives can control acne breakouts in women, so they can be used for this purpose.


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