Seven exercises that promise to end cellulite

More than 90% of women are victims of cellulite in adulthood. The terrible punctures suddenly appear and, when the woman realizes, the skin already looks like an orange peel that seems impossible to remove. However, cellulite is not a seven-headed monster as it seems and, with some activities, you can reverse the situation and improve the appearance of the skin quickly.

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First of all, it is important to understand what cellulite really is and if you have more reasons than aesthetics to fight it. The holes in the skin appear when there is an accumulation of fat in the adipose tissue. The body naturally absorbs fat as an energy source , however, when there is more fat than necessary, the tissue expands and the result appears in the form of cellulite. (Eliminate cellulite with natural recipes)

Cellulite is not a health problem in most cases. However, the holes have degrees of development and, while they are harmless in the first stages, they can be very harmful to health in the last, when a treatment becomes inevitable. However, this does not mean that the cellulite you have will evolve, as it all depends on the ability of each body to process fat, in addition to eating habits.

Cellulite Stages:

  • Grade 1:This first phase is the reality for many women, especially the thin ones. In grade 1, cellulite can only be noticed when tightening the skin, it does not cause any discomfort and it also does not attract attention. Many women do not pass this stage.
  • Grade 2:Those with grade 2 cellulite can perceive the holes without having to tighten the skin. However, sometimes there are not many punctures and it rarely causes discomfort. This type of cellulite is common in more mature women who are slightly overweight.
  • Grade 3:A little more uncomfortable, grade 3 is represented by a deeper cellulite. The holes are very visible and the appearance bothers the woman more. In some cases it is possible to experience pain in the region and swelling.
  • Grade 4:For those who have cellulite in grade 4, treatment is more for health than for aesthetics. At this stage the skin already has a defined appearance of orange peel. The woman may have difficulty walking, develop lumps, swelling and feel a lot of pain in the region.

Here are seven activities that will blow away the holes in your skin :

1. Race

Running outdoors or even at home, in a static way, is one of the most efficient methods to burn calories. As running can easily eliminate calories and speed up metabolism, activity is also effective in reducing cellulite, as it prevents the accumulation of fat in adipose tissue.

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In order to have more effect, it is necessary to run regularly and also to use a proper shoe for the activity. If you get it wrong you may even have spine problems over time. (Women’s running shoes: learn how to buy)

In addition, it is important to define distances and increase your pace with your workouts. Those who are not used to it can start slowly to improve physical endurance as they progress with the activity.

2. Bicycle

Healthy and also very useful in burning calories, the bicycle reaches cellulite by directly moving the legs. The more effort you make in the region, the greater the fat burning necessary to get rid of cellulite and return the youthful and silky appearance to the skin. A tip to potentiate the effects and the caloric burning is not to walk only in flat places, but also to look for climbs as a challenge.

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In addition to riding a bicycle to exercise, you can also adopt the vehicle in your routine. Try leaving your car aside and go shopping by bicycle. In addition to exercising, you still save and contribute to the environment.

3. Muscle exercises

Although aerobic exercises are the only ones to burn real calories, weight training is also important for those who want to end cellulite. This is because defining and strengthening the muscles helps in the process, in addition to the fact that anaerobic exercises end up with sagging skin.

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While you burn fat with aerobic activities, experiment with bodybuilding to strengthen your body and make your skin more beautiful. The combination of the two types of exercises can bring excellent results in combating cellulite. (Know the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercises)

4. Water aerobics

Exercising in water is also a very efficient way of exercising, burning calories and strengthening your muscles. You improve blood circulation and prevent swelling caused by fluid retention. In addition, doing activity in a swimming pool is very pleasant and super recommended for hot summer days.

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5. Dance

Dancing not only scares away the ailments, but also localized fats and cellulite. If you do gymnastics while dancing, it is even easier to reduce calories and get rid of the holes in your skin. The dance can be done at home or in a club.

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You can take classes on any specific dance you like or start practicing with videos on Youtube and freely.

6. Walk

Any movement activity of the legs is effective to combat cellulite. Although running burns more calories, walking also helps with blood oxygenation, produces a feeling of well-being and helps to eliminate accumulated fat.

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In addition, you can add walking to your routine as a way of commuting, which is a way to exercise naturally. (Walking helps you lose belly and lose weight)

7. Pilates

An activity with numerous health benefits, pilates has incredible effects in combating cellulite. The greatest merit of the exercise is the ability to stretch the entire musculature, which helps to restore the skin to a natural appearance and prevents the formation of small nodules of fat in the tissue.


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