Tips to not get discouraged from the gym and have good results

While attending the gym is a hobby for some, for others it can be torture. In fact, lifting weight, sweating your shirt, running out of breath and challenging yourself with difficult positions during exercise may not be pleasant at all. However, the results appear sooner or later.

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If you started at the gym a short time ago, you probably have a clear idea of ​​what you want to achieve with muscle activities. Whether it is to end the flabbiness of the belly or arms, define the muscles or stay in shape for the summer, the fact is that something motivated the decision to enroll in the exercise environment. (How to lose and tone your belly in up to eight weeks)

One of the main reasons for dropping out of the gym is the rush to see the results. Many believe they will start working out and, in a week, they will be able to perceive a more defined body. However, the results do not appear so quickly, even if the person is focused on a high-efficiency program.

In order not to lose motivation, here are some tips that will help you stay focused :

1. Remember the goals

You must frequently refuel with the fuel that motivated you to start the gym. This is the best way to not lose motivation during your exercise routine. Think about what the goals are and what you want to achieve with your workouts. Imagine yourself with the ideal and desired body every day. The simple fact of doing visualization exercises is enough to recover your spirits in any activity.

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2. Check advances

If you have just started, advances may take a while to appear. However, in a short time, it is possible to notice a small difference. See how your weight is, your muscular strength and your body’s external appearance.

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It is even worth taking measurements to compare later. If you see small advances, you will probably stay motivated for longer.

3. Bet on new things

Talk to your instructor frequently to make small changes to the program (exercise series). It is possible to accelerate the muscle development process through frequent changes in activities. (Crossfit: efficient weight loss exercises)

Don’t let your muscles settle with the exercises, always look for challenges and increase the weights. In addition, always rest for a day or two at the gym so that your muscles recover and prepare for a new impact.

4. Observe successful people

Successful people are great examples and inspirations at any stage of life. These people are motivating sources for professional and personal life, as they represent the levels that many would like to reach. When you go to the gym, take advantage of the environment to be inspired by people who already get the results you would like to have. Observe the mottled bodies and how hard these people are in their activities.

5. Forget negativities

Letting go of negative thinking is critical to achieving any goal in life. No person can go far thinking that he is not capable, that he will not succeed or that it is not working. Those who leave these prejudices aside can climb the stairs to achieve what they want.

Trade any negative thoughts in your mind for something positive. Even if it seems naive, it is worth nourishing the mind with confident thoughts that you are on the right track and will get exactly what you want with the workout.

6. Maintain discipline in the routine

It is very easy to become discouraged when there is no persistence and discipline in what you do. Instead of working out three times a week, for example, you go to the gym one day and decide to stay at home watching TV for the other two. If there is no effort, there are also no results, even if 10 years pass.

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Maintain an exercise routine that is always at the same time and on the same days, if possible. If not, at least keep a weekly goal and stick to it. Just a week without meeting the goal is enough to delay results, always keep that in mind.

7. Have a well thought out plan

Achieving a goal requires goals, willingness and a detailed plan of what you want. When the goal is physical, the rule is the same. Have a plan drawn up with weekly goals, batteries of exercises, new challenges and defined progress. See with your instructor what to plan to achieve good results and also receive some nutrition tips to keep your body nourished, especially your muscles.

What if I give up?

When you are losing heart to perform any type of activity, make a deep reflection of what led you to start and what you will gain from giving up. Unless the case is very special, the normal thing is that nobody gains anything with the withdrawal, on the contrary, just miss the chance of reaching a goal that would give personal satisfaction. (10 problems that can keep you from the gym)

If you give up, no goal will be achieved and no victory will be achieved. You will probably continue to feel dissatisfied with your own body and will not experience any positive changes in your life. Keep this in mind before hitting the hammer and thinking that it is best to drop everything.

Remember that hard workers always get somewhere, while unfocused people end up in a vicious cycle of unproductivity that leads to nothing. Even if it is with suffering, discouragement and ill will, fight these negative forces to achieve your daily goals. With persistence, the expected results will appear sooner or later and you will see that you have made the right decision not to give up on what you do.


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