Service consulting process: do you already have one?

If there is an activity that always needs to use a well-defined flow of activities, it is the consulting process .

After all, the consultant’s work should also be an example for the company’s members. If he does not follow an adequate flow, besides being inefficient, he will not fulfill this role of guiding behaviors for excellence and technical rigor.

To help you implement a tested and approved service consulting process, we are providing a ready-made diagram, fully editable and already divided into lanes and with all types of necessary gateways.

Thus, you avoid having to model this business process , saving precious time, or at least, you can be inspired by it to adapt this model to the specifics of your company.

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If you want to have access to this consulting process ready to use and model as you wish, access this link: consulting service process

But before that, how about understanding in detail how it works and each of its stages?

Service consulting process diagram in detail

This process model contains the following activities, the most common for consulting services, such as:

  • Request
  • Elaboration of a work plan.
  • Service execution
  • Control contract
  • Revenues

Below, we will detail several of these steps and procedures of this consultancy process, such as order analysis, the consultant’s activities, sending the scope of the consultancy to the client, service delivery and billing.

Pools, lanes and agents

The service consulting process that we are going to present includes 1 pool and 3 lanes, in which the following agents operate: Contract Manager, Consultant and Solicitor.

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Beginning of the service consulting process

The initial event of the consultancy process leads to the registration of the demand by the applicant and, concomitantly, to the analysis of the demand by the contract manager.

The latter must verify that the requested demand requires scope and budget approval. It also determines whether the scope of the consultancy will be closed or not.

If so, that is, if the scope is closed, the consultant must be notified.

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Scope and budget approval

Following this consultancy process, the Contract Manager analyzes the budget provided by the Consultant. If he identifies flaws in the scope or inadequate dimensioning, he sends it back to the Consultant for a better analysis.

But, if you agree, you should send it to the Requestor, with the necessary information for him to approve the budget and scope of the consultancy proposal.

Consulting validation and analysis

At this stage of the consultancy process, after the consultancy activity itself is carried out, the applicant must validate the service provided.

If there are pending issues, it is returned to the Consultant to resolve what was pending. If everything is right, the service is taken for granted.

In addition, the Contract Manager analyzes the consultancy to make a report of hours employed.

Finalization of the service consulting process

From this point on, the Contract Manager must define the form of payment, send the due invoice and make the relationship of hours demanded with the bank of hours, thus ending this consulting process.

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As you can see, the proper management of consultancy services requires a series of measures and documentation that will make this process very efficient, transparent and traceable.

Hence the importance of having this process very well modeled and with clear definitions of the responsibilities of each agent involved.


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