Cheap Reliable Essay Writing Service — How to Find One?

Research has found that college students spend more time on their studies today than a decade ago. Given the speed at which businesses, labor and capital markets, and technologies develop these days, it is challenging to keep up with the pace of your study efforts.

But you do not always have to go it alone. Killing yourself with never-ending college assignments might not get you anywhere. Instead, you should consider balancing and managing your workload by finding and using the services of affordable essay writing companies.

The challenge is to find one that is both cheap and reliable. How should you go about it? Here is our guide on the steps to take to make sure you find the right one.

– Check reviews

One of the first steps you can take is reading customer reviews and testimonials. Mind you, some companies put out fake reviews, so don’t take anything for granted.

Treat all of them with a grain of salt. Compare reviews with your personal assessments. Remember that, at the end of the day, it is your personal judgment and discretion that should hold sway to find cheap essay writing help to meet your academic goals.

–  Avoid bait-and-switch tricks

Many companies resort to bait-and-switch tactics. They offer cheap rates, but once you start filling out your order form, the price starts to spiral out of control. At every step, you are offered some extra service, a more qualified writer, or a shorter delivery time. You might also get an ESL writer instead of a promised native speaker.

If you are not able to track writers, their profiles might as well be fake. All of this means that you need to exercise a lot of caution and good judgment in determining your requirements, budget cap, and selection criteria. Don’t let yourself be fooled.

–  Check online price calculators

Many websites have price calculators. We advise using them before you make a decision. Complete all steps before you hit the ‘place an order’ button.

There might be lots of extra-paid services you might not be readily aware of. When you start adding paid features, the total may or may not look as cheap. You can also request a quote for your paper before making a commitment and making payment.

–   Discounts and loyalty programs

Don’t forget to use discounts for first-time users. Most advanced essay writing services offer discounts between 5 and 20 percent. Keep an eye on promotions too via social media platforms.

Some companies run referral and loyalty programs too. You can make savings with every other order or every time you refer a friend to the selected website.

–   Free revisions

Make sure the company offers revisions for free. Yes, some might either charge you for those or allow only a limited number of free revisions.

Free revisions are also a great way to improve writing skills as you learn from how professional writers adjust and revise papers to meet your needs. Study the revision policy of the company well. Hold the website responsible for what it promises to deliver.

–     Other policies

My advice is to look at other factors too when assessing a service. ‘Cheap’ does not only refer to the monetary value of writing services. You might derive great non-monetary benefits that you should factor in.

For instance, if customer support is inefficient, you might lose a lot of time on your communication with them. Even if the price per page looks like, you might be losing too much time to consider your translation cost-effective or good value for money.


Essay writing services can do a great job alleviating your onerous workload. When they do their job well, your money is well spent. When they don’t, you end up spending more time and more money, making the whole idea of using online writing services counterproductive.

Don’t rush to place your order with the very first company that pops up on your screen when you do your internet search. Take the time to study company policies, read multiple reviews and testimonials, beware of fake reviews, and use your best judgment to select a service that has an unblemished record in meeting its customers’ needs.

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