What Is Self Esteem;How To Increase self Esteem In Life

Self esteem is the quality that belongs to the individual satisfied with his identity.It is the opinion and feeling that each person has for himself; for example, ability of respect, believe, and love yourself.To maintain self-esteem, do yourself with passion, encourage, admire, praise, desire the best, treat well with care and attention. By protecting yourself, you preserve your dignity by not allowing abuses. If someone “attacks you”, you will have the strength to reverse the problem in time.

What Is Self Esteem;How To Increase self Esteem In Life

High self-esteem is said to the people who are praised, supported, self-reliant, self-loving, non-conflicted, and not anxious and insecure. Low self-esteem is the feeling of people who are insecure, criticized, indecisive, depressed and who always seek to please other people.

Low Self Esteem;What Are The Most Common Characteristics of These People?

Self-esteem is lost when one goes through many disappointments, frustrations; or in situations of loss, or when it is not recognized by anything.

  • They have perfectionist tendencies and need to feel in control of everything that happens around them – which causes high levels of stress.
  • They tend to be negative.
  • They worry too much about what others will think of her.
  • They blame others for their problems.
  • They have little concentration and are usually causing problems.
  • They do not think of themselves, only of others.
  • They avoid sending their opinions, tastes, values, thoughts and feelings.
  • xcessive shyness or excessive fear of making mistakes;
  • Feeling of incapacity;
  • Exaggerated self-criticism;
  • Chronic feeling of dissatisfaction;
  • Too perfectionism;
  • Need to assert themselves in public or demean others;
  • Very great fear of rejection;
  • Difficulty accepting compliments;
  • Problems with saying “no”;
  • Vulnerability and lack of emotional stability.
  • Will to please all and fear of judgment;
  • Feeling guilty;
  • Tendency to destructive relationships;
  • Fear of attending environments that require social interaction;
  • Repulsion of self, feeling of inferiority;
  • Lack of vanity, need to hide in broader and more discreet clothing;
  • Constant need for praise and appreciation;
  • Always compare to other people

How To Increase Self Esteem?

People who have a high and positive self-esteem are able to overcome any situation that brings a difficulty or challenge every day. Check out some tips to improve your self-esteem:

  • Do not get attached in things that happened in the past. Do not generalize the negative experiences you have experienced throughout your life.
  • Pay attention to your achievements and achievements. This is one of the best ways to improve our personal self-esteem. To have good self-esteem, it is necessary to recognize in ourselves the ability to do things well in the different portions that make up our life.
  •  Never stop trusting yourself. Remember, we all have our own perception of reality, so we do not have to worry so much about what others think.
  • Get acquainted with and appreciate the good features you have and feel proud of. Your strengths and weaknesses are treasure because they make you extraordinary and unique to anyone else.
  • Do not compare yourself to others. You may consider yourself worse than others, but remember that there will always be an aspect in life where you will be better than someone.
  • Love yourself, worry about yourself, build your self-love and be true with yourself. Accept your shortcomings, be optimistic; take care of your body, health, hair – take care of your beauty and face life with your head held high!

The Importance Of Personal Beliefs For Good Self Esteem

Have you noticed that many of the things that happen to us are the result of our beliefs?

If you believe that you deserve the best, then the best will appear in your life. For this reason self-esteem and positive thinking go hand in hand.Without self-esteem psychological problems may arise such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, among others.With self-esteem life becomes happier, the professional area grows, positive relationships happen.. “He who does an accomplishment, hopes for the possible. He who wants to realize a concept tries the impossible.”

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