What Is The Importance of Sleep;10 Tips for Better Sleep

We will discuss importance of sleep in this article.We all  need to rest. We always hear that the ideal is to sleep eight hours a day.Having a good night’s sleep is very important for our health because it is during this period that we recover our physical, intellectual and mental capacities.

Without knowing Importance of Sleep May Cause Sleep Deprivation

  • Affects balance, attention and memory
  • Decrease physical strength
  • Aging the skin early
  • More susceptible to infections
  • Let the reasoning slow down
  • Causes heavy eye, drowsiness and headache
  • It leaves the body subject to diseases like obesity, hypertension and diabetes
  • Causes difficulty in acquiring knowledge
  • Changes mood and causes irritability
  • Leaves appearance looking tired and causes dark circles

15 Tips for Importance of Sleep In Life And For Health

  • Practice physical exercise regularly, preferably in the late afternoon.
  • Invest in a quality mattress and use proper pillows.
  • Sleep in a comfortable, cool, dark and quiet place. Changes in noise, light and temperature can disrupt sleep.
  • Eat a light meal before bedtime: leaving an empty stomach hinders sleep.
  • Take care of liquids at night, as the urge to urinate will interrupt your sleep sequence.
  • Take a warm bath before bed. Use relaxing oils and creams: they provide a sense of well-being.
  • Try to sleep and wake up at the same time, even on weekends.
  • Relax your mind, free yourself from thoughts, worries and anxiety .
  • Avoid alcohol at night. Drinking substances can loosen the structure of the pharynx region, compromising breathing causing snoring and apnea.
  • Take care of the stimulants. Pay attention to what you eat: tea, coffee, soda, and chocolate are good examples of stimulators that can impair sleep.
  • Avoid ingesting tranquilizers, relaxing and sleeping pills, as they can create unwanted habits for the conciliation of regular sleep.
  • Go to bed only when you are sleepy. Leave the bed if you can not sleep soon. And go back to relaxing activities in low light conditions until you get sleepy again. Checking the hours on the clock when lying down is also harmful as anxiety increases.
  • Meditate. It is already proven that meditation is an effective technique to reduce tension, increase creativity and bring a deep sense of peace to those who practice it. Meditation helps, in fact, to deepen the rest. Fifteen minutes a day is enough to get results.
  • Avoid blue light\ (computers, TV, cell phone) at least one hour before bed. This light is extremely damaging to sleep.
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