Which segments consume the most graphic material?

In fact, the digital age marked a new moment in advertising and marketing. But those who think that graphic materials no longer have space on the market are mistaken. On the contrary,  the sector is constantly growing . And that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about: which are the segments that most consume graphic material.

The customer’s visual experience with the brand still has a lot of value. For example, receiving a business card in hand gives credibility and professionalism, in addition to reinforcing the interest in closing a deal, do you agree?

Durable, a material like this can be consulted as many times as needed and helps many people to reinforce important information. Communicating through this alternative also generates a closer relationship between the client and the company, especially if the pieces are creative and well prepared.

Companies and professionals are aware of all these benefits. Demand is high and it is even possible to define which segments consume the most graphic material. Want to know what they are? Then follow this article, see if your business is not out and take the opportunity to check out some types of important graphic tools in any disclosure. Come on?

Which segments consume the most graphic material?

Using graphic materials is very important in any industry. But some of them need to use these pieces more frequently, to increase sales,  win customers  and have more space in stores, offices and in general trade. Know the segments that most consume these elements and the reasons.


The retail segment is the main consumer of graphic material. He needs to sell his products to other stores that serve in several sectors: clothing, electronics, shoes, furniture, supermarkets, among others. Therefore, it is essential that you use graphic tools to present your products and, mainly, advertise your differentiated offers.

In seasonal periods, such as  holidays  and changing seasons, they are even more necessary, as they need to alert changes and sales of even more specific products.

Personal hygiene and beauty

The personal care and beauty market is constantly growing. Its target audience has varied profiles and allows the graphic material to always be innovative and differentiated. Amid so many news and product launches, it is essential to stand out. Textures, colors and even scents can be used to decorate the material pages and make them more attractive.

Real Estate

Undoubtedly, the real estate segment consumes a lot of graphic material and in various formats. After all, he needs to sell real estate that is often still on the floor. And for that, there is nothing like a good illustration to demonstrate what a project will look like when it is ready.

To complete, it is necessary to quote prices, details of the developments and other information that the public does not immediately store and want to consult later, while better evaluating the investment that will be made. And the best way to do that is through a quality printout.


Brazil is one of the largest consumers of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in the world. Therefore, the graphic material used to publicize these products is indispensable. This includes labels, tags and boxes.

Using an interesting design that draws a lot of attention helps to increase the packaging to differentiate it among so many options on the shelves.


The food market is competitive, there is no denying it. Therefore, the graphic material appears as a great support in this scenario. Whether to promote products or to help in their distribution.

In places suitable for food consumption or purchase, they still appear as one more way to make the customer fix the brand in their memory and can even be a decisive factor of purchase, such as tables, chairs and other objects.

Medical and dental services

The organization is a fundamental characteristic of health professionals. The graphic materials help to make it viable through folders, envelopes and prescriptions, which besides having a great visual impact, act as merchandising for offices, clinics and hospitals.

In addition, they also serve as a reminder about the services, to encourage returns, consultation confirmations and signal the preference for certain specialists. And let’s not forget the traditional business card, widely used to keep contact with a professional and make recommendations to family and friends, another excellent form of dissemination that uses graphic services.

What are the most popular materials for dissemination?

It is clear that each segment has particular disclosure needs. The graphic material developed for each of them is different in content and details, but some pieces come out ahead in general search. See what they are:


The folder is a foldable graphic material. For this reason, a greater amount of information can be worked on in the development of your content. It is used to complement the dissemination in a broader way: it can serve as a reduced catalog of the company to stimulate the interest of those who read and make their search become more in-depth later.


The catalog works miracles in the hands of a good seller. It covers in detail all the company’s products, with organization and logic. Values, characteristics, codes and images form a rich visual set to facilitate explanations and demonstrations, in addition to optimizing the sales process.

In some sectors, the technical catalog is also developed to assist in passing on installation and operating instructions and to provide assistance to the consumer.

Business card

Business cards are the main means of making a deal official. By means of a small form, all company or professional contacts can be listed in a compact format. Today, they are no longer developed in the traditional way.

New formats, materials and colors are used to better convey the brand image and give the piece a more special touch. In addition, the cards are very practical, as they can be distributed on hundreds of occasions. Fairs, events and meetings, among other professional situations.

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