This search engine is better than Google, must try it?

We all know that Google is the most popular search engine in the world. But not only Google is the only search engine in the world, but in addition to this, there are many other great Search Engines . Some of them are even better than Search Engine Google. In this post, we are telling you about search engines better than Google, which is better than Google in terms of privacy. 

Google is the world’s most popular and possibly the most used search engine. Still no one is far away from Google, Yahoo and Bing are also far away.

But is Google the best search engine in the world? Probably not in every sense. Google may be the best search engine according to search results but not according to privacy.

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When it comes to security, Google is far behind other search engines in this matter. Some search engines are significantly less popular than Google, but provide better privacy than Google.

If you like privacy and you do not want anyone else to see what you are searching on the internet, then you should use privacy focused search engine.

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Best Search Engines 2019 for Private Browsing

A lot of search engines talk about privacy security. But if you talk about reality, there are only a few search engines that really take care of your privacy.

Popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo also tell the advertiser about your personal search. Based on them, you are shown advertisements.

Google’s earnings are the main source of advertising, Google takes your data to give you free service or just say that Google also tracks you.

Google’s tracking is not hidden from anyone, everyone knows about it. I have also told about this in this post.

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That is why I am telling you about the best search engine for privacy, on which your personal details will be safe.

Best Search Engines for Privacy:

Talk about the best search engine for privacy, Duckduckgo not in this list. Arrives at 1. This is the best for privacy.

1. DuckDuckGo

This search engine is the best search engine for privacy choice users. The company claims and experts have also tested that this company does not keep logs of its users.

This is the best tools to do anonymous search. You will not get to see any advertisements on this search engine.

The Chrome Extension of this browser is also available, which you can download and use in the Chrome browser.

The Duckduckgo search engine company does not store user data on its server nor share it with anyone. Realize’s company promises and claims.

2. StartPage

Startpage search engine comes second in this list. This search engine is also considered to be better than Google search engine in terms of privacy.

The search conducted through this search engine is not recorded, nor does this company track users. Meaning, no one will know what you have searched and neither will the advertisers get your data.

This search engine is one of the World Most Privacy Search Engine and is a better option for privacy lovers to preserve their search records.

In conclusion,

Apart from these two Privacy Focused Search Engines, there are many search engines which are privacy focused, but this search engine is the best and the best.

We have mentioned in our second post about 12 search engines that do not track Private (WolframAlpha, Gibiru, Yippy, Privatelee, MetaGer, Oscobo, Hulbee etc.).

If you do not like the above, then you can try another one of these.If you do not want to see advertisements according to the search you have done, then you can use these Privacy Based Search Engines.Maybe, on these Private Search Engines you will not get more search results like Google, but you will definitely get better experience.


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