The world’s 10 most dangerous computer viruses

You must have heard about Computer Virus. Due to virus coming into the computer, users have to face big problems and losses. Some computer viruses are less dangerous and some viruses are more dangerous. You must have heard the names of many such computer viruses. But today in this article, we are telling you about the world’s most dangerous computer virus.

Computer virus is such a thing that once it enters the computer, it can crash the whole system. A computer virus destroys computer data like a termite. So every user is also afraid of the name of computer virus.

Some computer viruses are so dangerous that they spoil your entire computer system. That is why we use Anti-virus to avoid this.

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If you use computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles then you should know about Malware Viruses. In this post, you will get information about the 10 most dangerous computer viruses in the world.

Let’s know, what are the 10 most dangerous computer viruses in the world?

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Here are the 10 most dangerous computer viruses in the world

Due to virus coming into the computer, all the files of the computer get corrupted. It deletes or hacks all the photos, videos, audio, documents, passwords present in the computer.

Here are the 10 most dangerous computer viruses till date:

1. I Love You

ILOVEYOU is the most dangerous virus in history. It was made as a worm. This virus crashed computers all over the world via e-mail.

It affected 10 percent of computers worldwide connected to the Internet and the virus caused a loss of $ 1,000 million (about 65,000 crore rupees).

This virus is associated with Love letter for you title. This virus becomes active as soon as the user opens this message. The virus then crushes the entire mail server system.

After this virus enters the system, it sends exactly the same message to the 50 people present in the user’s mail box, through which the message came through this user’s computer.

Everything is automaterally, it keeps on doing it on people’s computers continuously. This virus is so dangerous that till now it has destroyed many banking systems.

2. Melissa

On 26 March 1999, a virus called Melissa caused havoc all over the world, due to which the virus came into the limelight. David L. Smith created the virus under the name of Exotic Dancer of Florida.

After the virus was introduced, the FBI caught Smith, who created the virus, and fined him $ 5000. There was a loss of about 8 million dollars (about 520 crore rupees) from God.

This rain also used to come in the user’s computer via email and, like the I Love You virus, sent exactly the same message to 50 people present in the user’s mail box.

The virus overloaded the network it attacked. This computer virus was named after a dancer from Florida.

3. My Doom

My Doom virus rocked the whole world on 26 January 2004 with its shock. Nearly 2,000,000 computers worldwide were infected by this virus.

The virus comes with a heading like “Mail transaction failed” and kills the data by joining the mail box address book.

About 3800 million dollars (about 2.47 lakh crore rupees) was lost due to this dangerous computer virus.

4. Code Red

Code Red is among the most dangerous computer viruses in history. This time there was a worldwide catastrophe in 2001. Internet services were affected by this virus attack for several months.

For this virus, there was no need to run an email attachment on any file, for this only internet connection was enough. This caused 10 lakh computers damaged.

The virus had damaged more than 4 lakh Sarwar. There was a loss of about $ 260 million (about 17 1000 crores rupees).

5. Sasser

Sasser came into the limelight in the year 2004. Computers running Windows OS were most affected by this virus. After entering the computer, the virus scans the IP address and targets other systems.

The virus affected computers running weak versions of the Microsoft operating system Windows XP and Windows 2000.

About 1 million computers were damaged due to this virus and a loss of about 1800 crores (about 1.17 lakh rupees).

6. Storm Worm

Storm worm is a backdoor trojan horse that affects computers using the Microsoft Operating System. This was discovered on 17 January 2007.

It gets installed in the phone as soon as you click on the link coming in the rain mail. As soon as it is downloaded into the system, the hackers take control of that computer.

The computer stops working after the virus arrives in the computer. The virus targeted about 10 million computers.

7. Conficker Virus

This computer virus affects more computers running on the Windows operating system. This virus is used to steal financial data and information.

After the arrival of this virus, it also infests other devices connected to the local network. It has affected crores of government offices, businesses and Om computers.

8. Beast Trojan Horse

This virus controls the entire system as soon as it is downloaded into the computer and within a few seconds it copies and creates thousands of files of its own.

With this computer virus, Hacker takes full control over your file manager, registry editor, webcam, power option, remote IP scanner etc. on Infected System.

9. Cryptolocker

Cryptolocker virus is a form of Trojan horse ransomware targeted at computers running windows. It uses many methods to spread this bomb in computer.

Such as email, this hard driver encrypts some files and locks the files in the mounted storage connected to the RSA public key once the computer is infected with it.

The ransom has to be paid within a time limit to unlock the locked files. The ransom is usually in prepaid cash or bitcoin .

10. Stuxnet

This rain had affected the system scores associated with water treatment, oil pipelines, gas pipelines and power grids apart from computer India.

It is said about this virus that this virus can enter into a B system and steal the formula to manufacture it.

The Israeli Defense Force is believed to have created the virus in collaboration with the US government. It was intended to disrupt Iran’s nuclear efforts.

In conclusion,

In this article, we learned about the 10 most dangerous computer viruses in the world. Apart from all this, the WannaCry Ransomware attack was also very dangerous.

If you want to protect your system from all these vehicles, then I suggest you to install a good antivirus in you

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