10 Functions of School Advisor In School And Education

School advisor plays very important role in school administration system.There are number of aims and purposes which supervisory service has to fulfil. These can be summed up by the following.You people can read my previous article about school adminstration too

To Provide Professional Leadership

It provides professional leadership to educational improve their work and give them correct direction. Experts have replaced the word ‘Inspector’ by “School Advisor‘ or ‘Educational Advisor’. The new term will be in conformity with the real aims supervision and inspection.

To offer technical service

It offers technical service to teachers in the form teaching techniques, instructional aids, different techniques and remedial measures.

To promote professional growth of teachers

It promotes the professional growth of all teachers providing them guidance in the field and in training now and then.

To clarify goals and provide guidance

It clarifies and interprets educational goals educational institutions and gives them all types of and guidance to achieve those goals.

To check inefficiency and negligence

Supervisory service aims at checking inefficient negligence in schools, finding out serious lapses irregularities in their functioning and ensuring these shortcomings are removed.

To offer constructive suggestions

Positively speaking, it aims at offering new, f looking and constructive suggestions to educate also goes to their help in solving there is the duty of the inspector to inspire teach by his wise counseling

To appraise The work of educational institutions

at appraising the work of educational that those doing well may be encouraged to those doing not so well may be guided to come up to the mark.

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