Sautéing is the action of frying a food at low temperature and with little oil for the time necessary to cook just before acquiring color. When the onion is fried, it is also called Pochar or Acitronar.

Other definitions

Sautéing involves cooking a food without actually browning it; rather it has to take on a yellowish or similar color, almost transparent in the case of onions.

Technique for sautéing

It consists mainly of the use of little oil, only the fatty medium necessary to fry the food, the procedure is carried out over medium heat with the container covered, it is cooked to the point of browning before dipping with broth or sauce.


What to use to sauté a food

To sauté a food you should use little oil or fat. If we use butter to sauté vegetables or seal meats, it is convenient to mix with oil in equal parts, to avoid burning. The ideal is to do it with olive oil, and in this case, it is recommended not to mix it with other types of oils or reuse it more than 3 or 4 times.

Pea braising recipe with carrot, onion and mushrooms

braised peas with carrot, onion and mushrooms


As elaborated

Cook the fresh or frozen peas in a saucepan with boiling water and salt. Once cooked, we cool them quickly so that they maintain the intense green color.


  • Peel and julienne the onion and carrot. We wash and chop the mushrooms into quarters. Chop the garlic in brounoisse (minced) and fry in a low saucepan with the olive oil over low heat.
  • When the garlic is golden we add the onion , the carrot and the mushrooms , cover the casserole and let them cook for about 15 minutes.

Next, when the vegetables are cooked, we add the cooked peas. Everything is sautéed until the peas begin to be slightly golden but with care, because if we make them too much they will harden us.

  • We boil the whole for 2 minutes, putting to the point of salt.

Before serving, let stand about 5 minutes covered and out of the fire.


It is to ensure that the foods that are fried lose water and absorb the flavor of the fat while they are lightly cooked.

  • It is used to make the cooking bottoms of various dishes.


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