What is Sad;Secretariat of State for Administration

Sad is an English adjective. It can also be an acronym that stands for State Secretariat of Administration .The word sad serves to describe a feeling of sadness and is used in some well-known expressions, such as very sad and so sad(meaning “very sad”) and sad but true , which means “sad but true.” Ex: It is sad but true that many children do not have food. “It’s sad, but it’s true that a lot of kids have no food.

SAD (Secretary of State for Administration)

Within the administration, SAD refers to the Secretariat of State for Administration , a body that manages the central administration of the State, which certifies that the targets established by the public administration for the State are reached. As the State Executive Branch represents, SAD also has as one of its functions to create strategies for the development of human resources. One of the services presented by SAD is the Performance Evaluation System (SAD), where the work of the servers is evaluated. This service allows to develop the State as an organization, through an improvement of public management.

The EAGS – SAD is the acronym that stands for “Adaptation to Sergeant Graduation in Administration”, consists of an admission exam for inclusion in the adaptation stage to the rank of Sergeant of Aeronautics. This internship is given under military boarding system at the School of Aeronautical Specialists (EEAR) and lasts approximately 21 weeks.

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