What Are JHS In Bible

JHS is a Christian acronym, which represents the initials of Jesus the Savior of Men , is one of the symbols of the Catholic Church. It appears in relief in the hosts that the priest consecrates and offers to the faithful in Masses.The monograna with the initials “JSH”, is the representation of Jesus for the Christians. It often appears with a cross, in the center of Letter H, and decorates the interior of Catholic churches.

Origin of the JSH monogram

From the Greek “IHSUS”, it appears in the Gospels of the Apostles Mark and Luke. Its Latin form, “Iesus Hominibus Salvatoren (IHS),” was created by St. Bernardine of Sena in the 15th century and was adopted by St. Ignatius of Loyola in the 16th century as the emblem of the Society of Jesus. The symbol was used as a stamp in the Company’s publications. The acronym was later transformed into a monogram and used as one of the Catholic symbols.

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