At the beginning of this article, we would like to invite Career Advice colleagues to look back 10 or 15 years ago. In those days, people who got jobs in safe positions and retirement guarantees for old age were considered the pinnacle of a career that everyone coveted. In addition, to reach the peak of such a career, we need to have the right educational background with our position.


Why? Because to become a graphic designer, we need to go to school in his field or to be an English teacher, we also need to take a literary school for years. Conditions in the past 10-15 years are very different if we compare it with the present conditions.


In an era that is completely sophisticated and dominated by technology like today, we can be anything and anyone, without having to carry out a re-education for years. This condition makes it possible for everyone to expand their careers to become who they want to be. Although they previously studied in the field of Law, but could have entered the world of work they work in other fields that are also very prestigious.


Moreover, with the presence of e-learning or online learning that has been very mushrooming in Indonesia . E-learning is very easy for all levels of society to be able to learn whatever they like, wherever and whenever.


One more thing, e-learning also plays an important role in the development of our careers ! Well, some of the reasons we will discuss in this article. According to the entrepreneur’s website, there are three main reasons why e-learning or online learning is very important for us to have in order to develop a career, the following is an explanation.


The Role of E-learning or Online Learning in Career Development

Previously it was discussed that employment in the past 10-15 years was very limited, people also could not move from one job position to another. All are very limited because stuck with the educational background that we have. Consequently, when we want to apply for a job position in which the field of work we have never studied in school or university, until whenever we will never be able to get the job.


All work is back to the bachelor degree we have achieved before. At that time, people were not too concerned with courses that could support their careers as well. What is the reason? Of course because of the cost and unavailability of time. The cost of courses in the old days can also be said to be expensive, so people only focus more on core education than additional courses.


Apart from cost, lack of time also prevents people from honing their skills through the course. Again, they must depend on the degree or education they previously had with fairly limited skills.


In this day and age, technology is highly developed and we cannot escape technology even for just one day. All the conditions of limitations that have been experienced in the past are destroyed without leaving. Everyone can ‘swerve’ in their occupational professions, bachelor’s degrees are no longer the main benchmark in job recruitment, courses are very cheap and easy to access, everyone can have more than one different skill, work competition is getting strict and not monotonous, and all of that is also thanks to the presence of e-learning.


Internet access that is easy to obtain at this time is very possible for many people throughout Indonesia to enjoy e-learning facilities or online courses at very affordable prices.


They also do not need to spend extra money to buy plane tickets, train tickets or vehicle costs to come to the course. They just need to have a strong internet connection, sit nicely in front of the laptop, use headphones or earphones (if necessary), and start learning through e-learning.


So, if Career Advice colleagues are interested in developing your career now, we strongly encourage fellow readers to start surfing e-learning by choosing learning topics that suit your talents and interests.


E-learning is not only famous in Indonesia, but also very popular in many other countries. Online learning is considered to be far more effective than learning in traditional classes (face to face with the speaker). To the extent that Forbes also mentioned this in their article! Forbes explained that based on the report by Brandon Hall Group, online learning can save time as much as 40% to 60% compared to learning in the classroom directly.


So, what are the three main reasons that make people more like e-learning? Let us consider the following explanation.

1. Learning Tools that Save Time.  

Everyone has only 24 hours a day, so each of us must use it as wisely as possible. Learning face to face (conventional) is indeed very time consuming. Before coming to class we need to do things like, take a shower and get ready, have breakfast, wait for public transportation to arrive or drive private vehicles, get stuck in traffic (especially in big cities like Jakarta), and so on. Yet when we get to class, the learning only runs for 2-4 hours, but the process of coming to class is very time consuming.


Let’s now compare it with online learning (non-conventional). Famous e-learning programs are very flexible (can learn anywhere and anytime), short-term and not tied to anyone.


Career Advice colleagues don’t need to spend more time getting ready for class, studying in class, and returning home. All learning processes can be done without having to move and in a short time.


2. Learning Tools that Offer Many New Skills. 

In contrast to job recruiters in the past, modern recruiters tend to look at what skills the candidate already has. In other words, they not only focus on the bachelor’s degree the candidate has, but also other skills that are a fitting complement to their career development .


That is why e-learning is loved by so many people today. Despite having a busy day at the office, everyone has no limits in being able to learn other skills in the workforce. For example, a fashion designer wants to develop their career by selling his design clothes outside Indonesia. Unfortunately, he does not have good English skills. In this case, e-learning can help the fashion designer to continue working as a clothes designer, and at the same time be able to learn English online.


3. Learning Tools that Offer Interactive and Latest Content. 

Unlike books that are the main material in conventional classrooms, the content offered in e-learning is very interactive and up to date, current or always up to date.


If there is important and up-to-date information, we don’t need to bother to revise it in the book and republish it, but we can post it again by changing the old content and revising it with new content.


Now, those are the three main reasons why many people love e-learning so much and why e-learning is so important to our career development.

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