5 Career Development Tips

How about tips for a successful and brilliant career? A successful and brilliant career is the dream of every employee and employee, whether employees in the finance, HR, production, marketing, or other departments.

Some simple career tips for realizing that dream include believing that opportunity and hope are always there.

Then continue to learn and practice the knowledge gained, work well and honestly, are common ways employees achieve brilliant success. Are there any other career tips in employee career development? Still available.

Here are 5 unusual career tips for a brilliant job and profession career …


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01: Factors Affecting Career Development

A: Factors Affecting Career Development in Finance Professionals

I discuss the factors that affect the development of a career in finance and accounting, because they are in accordance with my background and work.

So it’s not just ‘people saying’ or reading people’s stories. 🙂


Are you a financial accounting person doing your job optimally?

Have you known and understood in detail from the beginning to the beginning of the business process in the company where you work?

Are you the financial-accounting person just giving approval?

Approval when other department employees will be responsible for the use of finances?

Or when employees from other departments want to give a bill ( cash receipt )?

Are you a financial-accounting person just understanding transaction numbers?

Or can you just journal debit and credit? Or just making a balance in journaling ?

Just answer the questions in the heart of your heart, so that only you and God know.

Your answer will give an idea of ​​how the real condition is until various slanted comments appear like that.


B: Tips for a Successful Career in the Finance & Accounting Profession

How important a company financial report is has been widely discussed on the Financial Management website.

The function of financial reports prepared by financial accounting people is like a dashboard panel on a vehicle.

With it, motorists can get important information about their vehicle.

So that you can fully control the vehicle.

Likewise with financial reports.

It is like an indicator on a vehicle dashboard that contains important information about the company.

All important information will be used by:

  • owner,
  • investors,
  • manager, and
  • government (for tax matters) as a source of data for analysis, financial control, and performance.

Please note that every decision will always have an impact on finances.

Not only strategic decisions.

But even petty decisions that ‘seem’ trivial will affect the company’s finances.


Still not sure?

I give one more example.

When an employee washes their hands at the sink. This activity has affected the company’s finances, right?


Washing your hands in a sink means:

  • loss of time 5-10 minutes,
  • losing water and soap or tissue used, try to calculate how much it costs?

If only 1,2,3 or 4 people carry out these activities, the effect may not be felt.

Even if it is calculated for 1 month it will actually be a lot, right 🙂

But if those who do these activities are 100, 500,1000, or 10,000 people.

What costs or expenses will be incurred for one month, one year?

Still not sure???

So, believe the finance & accounting person and the financial accounting department is very important!

Now come back to yourself

Want to be important or not? 🙂


02: Tips for a Successful and Brilliant Career

What are the tips for a successful and brilliant career?

Here are simple and practical tips for a successful career, especially in the financial accounting section.


Career Success Tip # 1. Open Your Mindset and Insights

The mindset is a powerful belief, but the mindset is in your consciousness and you can change it.

If you are currently very skilled in financial-accounting, it is necessary and natural.

But it will be even more wow if you also master or at least understand other fields. Can it? I am sure I can. Open your mindset and insights.

How to? Learning dong …

Humans are born with a love for learning. The learning process does not stop after leaving formal education.

But it has to be done if you want to grow in your career and in life.

During its development, humans have the potential to develop their skills.

With effort all the time, until finally people know where the effort and time will take them to the desired destination.

By continuing to learn, you will know more deeply about the importance of financial data.

Furthermore, they will be able to carry out excellent financial accounting tasks.


Career Success Tip # 2. Learn the Art of Effective and Constructive Communication

To create a good, effective, and constructive relationship, communication skills are needed.

Why is that? Because everyone has a different character and personality. Then that’s the importance of mastering this # 2 career tip.

A person’s character and personality will be seen from their speech, attitude, and behavior.

The ability to communicate is one of the skills that must be learned.

Communication skills will help you work with others effectively.

These skills will make it easier for you to build relationships with lots of people.


If you are a financial accounting person who wants something bigger, you really need communication skills.

This ability will help you connect with other people who have different backgrounds and characters.

One of the important components in communicating is talking, so manage your speech well.

Pay attention to tone, speed, pressure, and style.


Career Success Tip # 3. Build extensive associations and connections

William Shakespeare in Timon of Athens wrote

“Be rich in friends .”

Successful people maintain their network contacts.

Getting to know people from various backgrounds is very important.

No matter how talented, smart, and experienced you are, one day you will need someone else.

In the beginning, developing a network will take some sense. Then, keeping it alive during your busy times will take some effort.

But the first thing you need to do is place yourself in well-networked places.

For example: your company’s sports group, your company’s religious and charity group, so you don’t just hang out with people in your department.

Once you have extensive networks and associations, don’t misuse the trust you have earned, because there are usually unwritten rules that must be followed in order for the relationship to be maintained properly.


Career Success Tip # 4. Learn to See the Big Picture

Marketing expert Hermawan Kartajaya calls it ‘ helicopter view ‘ looking from above, with it you will be able to see the big picture of a company, by learning to see the big picture of a company, your mind will be able to reach in all directions and capture things from all angles.

You as a financial-accounting person must be able to learn to see the operational picture and the entire company’s business processes as a whole.

For example, the business process in a manufacturing company starts from the process of research & development , promotion and marketing.

Then the sales process, production planning, production process, shiping, payment processing, and back to the research & development process .

An integrated system can only be created by a person who can create a complete picture of a company.

What is certain is that you don’t stop learning, for example, you don’t know the SOP, then keep learning and hone those skills, and keep practicing until you find the pattern and philosophy.


Career Success Tip # 5. Be What You Want To Be

Everyone will want a better life.

But how many are willing to move and start a persistent struggle to get what they want.

The answer is ‘a little ‘.

Based on a survey conducted by the Pew Institute, it shows an interesting fact that needs attention and attention.

The survey results show that there are 30% of people who managed to change their fate for the better.

A number that is neither too small nor too large. Naturally!

Most people also know, to achieve the lofty goals that you dream of is not easy, but it takes serious effort and never gives up.

If you have done the previous 4 ways. I believe that at this stage, no one in your department or company would dare to mess around.

Moreover, saying you are a fake financial-accounting person 🙂


When you have reached this stage, then you are ready to be who you want to be.

If you want to open your own business, for example to open a KAP, financial consultant, or other business, you are ready.

You have mastered the business processes of various business fields.

You have mastered how to communicate well with other people, and you already have a wide network.

Or if you want to continue a career in financial accounting, then you have mastered the business processes of various companies that are rarely controlled by other accountants.

Whatever you decide, you are ready.


At this stage, apart from the peak of your career, there is another thing that you should have achieved, namely wisdom.

The route you have traveled with with various dynamics, and joy and sorrow that touches blue will forge you to become a wiser person in looking at and living life.

And only wordless gratitude….


To increase our knowledge and refresh our insight about career tips, watch the following short video …


03: Conclusion

The highest career achievement that every employee or employee wants.

To reach that stage and position requires struggle, effort, and endurance in living it in a long time.

Without having tough endurance and proven resilience, and collapsing in the middle of the journey.

And the 5 career tips that I have conveyed hopefully can help you climb the career ladder of brilliant success.

In the end at the peak of his success, and only gratitude can be spoken from our hearts and our mouths .


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