Everyone is born with a leader in himself, but not everyone can lead many people properly and correctly. This is the reason why some people say that a person’s leadership character is a gift from God given to them from birth. In other words, the leadership character they possess is not something that is trained when they are born or are growing up.


However, in this article we will not discuss whether a leader has a leadership character inherited from birth? Or, does a leader have a leadership character that is always trained on an ongoing basis. These two questions will not be the focus of this article, because this time we will discuss about the 4 characters of leadership that are mandatory, must and must be owned by everyone who wants to be a leader or currently serving as a leader .


Actually, there are more than 40 leadership characteristics that need to be possessed by individuals in order to become good leaders . However, we summarize it into 4 main leadership characteristics that MUST be owned by every leader quoted from the entrepreneur website.


1. The Leader Must Be Charismatic.  

One of the strong reasons that many people follow and obey the advice and policies of a leader is charisma. Charisma is like a magnet that is very alluring and makes many people hypnotized by all the words and actions taken by a leader.


Some people say that a charismatic leader sometimes doesn’t need to say anything or order anything, but their presence is really very meaningful. All people like submission to their presence and believe that this leader can lead them to a better direction.


When a leader already has this leadership character, they can communicate their vision very well to others, they are very easy to convince the people around them to believe the opinions and ideas they convey. Not only that, the people or members of this leader will be easy to obey, follow and take action on whatever the leader orders.


Charismatic leaders do not have to be handsome or beautiful, but they do have a very different leadership aura from those around them so that they have a very important influence on an organization or company. To be a charismatic leader, we need to practice our firm and wise speech.


In addition, a leader also needs to have strong confidence and confidence in all the policies they decide. Oh, yes! Charismatic leaders also will never forget empathy. They really know how to pay attention and be empathetic towards their team members . So who are the charismatic leaders in the eyes of your fellow readers?


2. Leaders Must Have a Vision. 

Having strong charisma isn’t enough! a great leader must have a clear vision in his life. If he is the leader of an organization or company, it is important for him to avoid personal vision. As a company leader, he must bring a shared vision, not a person. In other words, all visions are made in the name of interests and kindness for all members and all levels of the department, without exception.


However, just having a vision is not enough. Vision that is not lived only like a mere dream script. Bill Gates said that he had a clear vision of computers at every table in his home, and this vision had made Bill Gates have a meaningful life goal.


A good vision not only consists of goals that bring all members to a better direction, but also revives the spirit of life that the members of the team have.


Aside from Bill Gates, we believe that Career Advice colleagues have heard the names Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, right? I wonder what is in the minds of fellow readers when they hear the two names, do fellow readers think that they are looking for fame in order to get a lot of money? Or are they people who focus on their vision of life without thinking about popularity?


Of the two questions, the most correct is Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are very focused on their vision. Fame, wealth and profits are just another result that comes from their consistency in realizing their vision. What is the proof if they are not too concerned with fame? For example, Mark Zuckerberg, even though he is a successful businessman, his lifestyle and manner of dress is still fairly simple. Not only that, they are even willing to donate their wealth to people in need and contribute a lot for humanitarian activities.


From Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, we can learn that good and great leaders not only build great visions for their organizations or companies, but they also carry out humanitarian visions that give a lot of good to other humans, who don’t even have any connection with their organization or company.


3. Leaders Must Have High Perseverance.

Again, a great and well-organized vision is not a guarantee that a person can become a formidable leader. No matter how good the plan is, if a leader cannot last long and is easy to give up in its application, then he cannot be said to be a formidable leader.


The third leadership criterion that every great leader must have is to have high perseverance. A great vision does not provide any guarantee that the leader and followers will reach the goal easily. However, the perseverance of a leader will encourage them to get to a common goal. Perseverance here can also be interpreted as an unyielding attitude.


No matter how great the storm that hit, a leader with high perseverance always has a way to rise and continue his steps. They have a different perspective on failure. If ordinary people think failure is something that is very embarrassing and inhibits success, great leaders will think that failure is another opportunity to lead them to their desired goals.


Let’s look at the life story of Jack Ma. Who does not know this Alibaba founder? Before becoming a successful entrepreneur who led many businesses today, Jack Ma had been rejected 30 times from every job opportunity he tried. In fact, Jack Ma has also been rejected by KFC and the Chinese police academy. However, Jack Ma does not consider this failure as a world that is over, he remains confident that he will achieve success from his perseverance. Now, we can see Jack Ma is as good and successful as what?


That is why a great and tough leader must have high perseverance so that all of his vision can be realized well.


4. The Leader Must Be Responsible. 

Of all his leadership efforts, a leader cannot be truly a great leader if they do not have a responsible leadership character. A leader must be responsible for everything he does, and also responsible for all matters relating to his team members.

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