Never did Career Advice colleagues think, why did novel sales so much more and in demand compared to books with other genres? Apparently there is a reason, the main reason is the novel conveys all the points through the story. When we learn something through stories in interesting and light language, it will be easier for us to understand and remember what important points are in it.


In fact, creating and telling a short story can also have a good impact on the sales of the products and services we offer to customers. Wow, why is that? Humans are indeed designed to like to listen to stories and relate them to their own lives. That is why from the days of our ancestors, a short story through one mouth to another famous very effective to spread important information.


Another simple example, when we go to a conference or business event that makes it easy for us to expand connections , then we can use short story techniques to start telling who we are , how our life motto, what business or work I am running now, how where I was originally interested in building a business, how can I survive all the challenges of business, and so forth.


All parts of the story that will be told are important points that occur in our lives. However, all of that will be very light and interesting to hear when we convey it through a short story.


Now, if Career Advice colleagues are interested in marketing products and services using short story techniques. Come on, let’s look at a few tips below that we have summarized from the entrepreneur website.


Points, Stories, Metaphors.

So that the promotion of products and services that we do to prospective customers will succeed smoothly, then we take the most important information we need to do in this case, namely points, stories and metaphors. Before we start telling the product to prospective customers, whether it’s through a presentation or talking directly (non-formal), the first thing we need to prepare is points.


Yep, when we hear the word “point” this might sound very stiff. Try to imagine how someone tells himself in front of the crowd by using points. For the following example:

– The fourth child in the family.

– Graduated from 2007 with a major in Economics.

– Starting a business until now.


What do you think of your fellow readers? Looks very stiff and limited, right? Of course it all looks stiff, because all the above sections are only limited to points that we have not yet developed into a story. That’s why when we use points in marketing products and services to target customers, our audience and prospective customers will feel bored to hear it.


Well, the role of the short story is to develop important points that we have and are wrapped in language that is interesting to hear. Let’s look at an example below:

– I am the fourth of eight children and live in a very harmonious family environment. In 2007, I continued my studies in Jakarta majoring in Economics with very satisfying grades. My love for Economics has driven me to be involved in the business world. Finally in 2009, I started my small business by setting up startups for online courses. I believe that all Indonesian people need to have good skills and they can hone their skills anywhere and anytime by learning from our online courses … and so on.


Ok, now try fellow Career Advice to compare the points and stories that we just said above. Of the two, which is more interesting to hear for your fellow readers? We are sure that most of your fellow readers will prefer to hear points that are in the form of stories.


If fellow readers want to market their products and services, just add the story of making the products and services. For example, tell us why your fellow readers and team finally decided to create these products and services, what solutions you want to give to customers, what values ​​and qualities customers will get, at what price, and what makes our products and services different and far better than those offered by competitors?


In addition, in the story we also need to show the negative consequences of what we did not say in the previous points. Our new connection must know that the business we founded did not succeed overnight. Another goal, we want to show that there are many lessons that can be taken from the listeners of our stories about life stories or experiences they can learn. In other words, points must be simple and brief, while a short story needs to explain these points in more depth, but still be brief.


The next step is to bring our short story to the metaphor. The metaphor here serves to show the listener once again to the starting point, but from a different angle. From this metaphor, we tell a short story using equations and comparisons. So, listeners can connect our short stories to their personal lives, and take important values ​​from those short stories.


Fellow readers can also market products and services through metaphors, that is, by comparing the quality of products with products from competitors, and equating quality with other equivalent products.


Short Stories can be Used at Every Level of Business.

As an entrepreneur or businessman, the formula points, stories and metaphors are three important points that we can use at any level of business. This is not only useful for promoting our products and services through a short story, but we can also use this formula in a short story that we will convey to potential investors, qualified candidates who will work in our company, get acquainted with new connections, etc. so.


But what if we don’t have any stories to tell, “What should we do?”

Don’t worry, rest assured that everyone has an interesting story that they can tell others. There is no need to underestimate ourselves just because we are not as good and successful as other successful entrepreneurs, so we feel that there is no story we can tell. So that we have material to tell, think again, “Why do I want to be an entrepreneur?” and “What made me interested in creating these products and services to customers?”. It is not possible if we do not have any answers to these two questions. Everyone must have a reason or motivation for everything they do. So, be proud of the short story that we have ourselves


by Abdullah Sam
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