Happiness is one of the topics most often discussed and thought about by many people. Everyone is competing to achieve happiness in their lives and always feels happy every day.


A few weeks ago, I met my best friend. With this friend of mine, I can’t cover anything at all. All complaints, sadness, or whatever problems I am feeling, I will definitely tell him. When we were drinking coffee together, my friend asked me a question that made me pause and think deeply. He asked “Do you feel happy?” What! Suddenly I was stunned and quite confused to answer it. Honestly, lately I really don’t feel happy, especially in my career.


There are so many questions and negative thoughts that haunt my thinking , so I can conclude one thing “I feel unhappy”. In the end I tried to explain briefly to him about what was in my heart and mind lately, I must admit that all these negative thoughts really bothered my mind. On the way home, I thought again and thought “Am I really not happy?”. When I got home, I thought deeper. If I really feel unhappy, what might the reason be? Meanwhile, I have a good job, a pretty good career, and everyone around me really wants my current position. Then, what makes me unhappy?


After some self-reflection, I finally realized something that “Actually, I feel happy in my career, but often I don’t allow myself to feel happy. So who is the problem now? The career that I have or myself? Yep! the answer is yourself. We are the main actors who don’t let happiness be present. In fact, we make the reason “career” as a shield that our careers are what makes us miserable until now. In addition, the main cause that makes us like this is, negative thoughts that often descend on our thinking.


According to the themuse website, there are 3 main negative thoughts that we need to erase in our thinking. Why? Because some of these negative thoughts will only hinder our happiness in careers. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. “If only I could __, surely I would feel very happy”.

This is the first negative thought that we often have. The success or achievement of a career that we want becomes the benchmark of the career happiness that we have now. In fact, happiness is not a goal, which if we have succeeded in achieving that goal, happiness will always be with us for a lifetime.


NO! of course not. Why? There are two reasons why we cannot make happiness the ultimate goal of our careers. First, if we ever think like, “if only I could become a company director, surely I would feel very happy”. Oops! In fact when we have managed to become a famous director, there will definitely be obstacles and other challenges that come into our lives and disrupt our happiness. So, we really can’t make happiness the final destination, especially in our careers.


The second reason, we do not have any way to guarantee that we will feel happy when all the desired career goals are achieved. However, that does not mean we are prohibited from daydreaming or having career goals, but it would be better if we did not include the element of happiness as an attachment of our career achievements.


2. “People who are happy in their careers will experience happiness all the time”.

Have any of your Career Advice colleagues ever thought of this? If so, we encourage fellow readers to end this negative thought. In fact, there will be no life that offers 100% continuous happiness. Sadness and happiness will come and go.


Maybe we expect too much that the calm and happiness we feel at work will always be stable, so that when we feel something that blocks or makes us feel afraid, we begin to assume ourselves that “I don’t feel happy anymore in the office”.


For example, in general we really love our current work, but when Monday is getting closer and the weekend is coming to an end, we begin to feel scared and upset. We begin to imagine how traffic jams will go to the office tomorrow morning and how complicated work meetings are with clients on Monday, and various other negative thoughts .


In essence, maybe we really love our work and career now, but the little things that often interfere often become a false reason that we no longer feel happy at work. Make sure we all erase these negative thoughts, colleagues. Instill in myself that “I am very happy and happy to do this work, and if there are small things that interfere, then it will not eliminate my happiness”.


3. “It looks like the Job He Has is Much Better Than My Job”.

This third negative thought is also one of the thoughts that are often owned by many people. If your Career Advice colleagues have read some of our previous articles in the “Happiness” category, your fellow readers will already know that the attitude of comparing yourself with others is an attitude that all of us should avoid. In fact, it is not only his attitude that we must stay away from, but we must extinguish the thought of comparing ourselves with others.


These negative attitudes and thoughts will only make ourselves low, even though other people don’t necessarily think the same as us. Those whose jobs and careers are highly exalted can think our work is far more pleasant and enjoyable than his. No one ever knows the contents of someone’s heart deeper right?


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