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We will talk about Rocket League when we look back on the current generation’s batch of games in the future, I am convinced. The idea, worthy of a grotesque drunken night, has made Psyonix millionaires, who has managed to reinvent the formula with each new option added to his creation of cars and balls. After conquering PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, it launches on Nintendo Switch with the aim of bringing fun to the streets, with an exemplary portable version. Analysis

Everything I tell you about Rocket League today is little. It is one of the most addictive exercises that have been developed in recent years, and the success of the video game has resulted in more than 35 million games sold and a recent purchase of the brand by the giant Warner Bros. The landing at Nintendo Switch was celebrated enormously in the past E3 and with good reason: few are the titles that could better accommodate the hybrid benefits of the new Japanese console, and being able to have a game like the present at your fingertips is a very nice news.


The concept is simple and my partner Álvaro Castellano told you about it in his analysis of Rocket League : it is the product of a crazy night of unprotected sex between a racing game and a soccer game. It may sound weird or it would never work, but the reality is that it has become a hit like it hasn’t been seen in a long time. The question does not end there: Psyonix , its creators, have been able to change elements such as the ball or the goals, adapting to sports such as ice hockey or basketball with the same success, which makes Rocket, above all, an experience more than versatile that can still give more of itself.


The version released on Nintendo Switch has no other objective than to try to bring all those benefits to the hybrid territory, so it maintains all the elements that have been released for the title so far (cars, ornaments, arenas or game modes) and maintains the Unaltered product with respect to iterations already seen on other machines. The port has been developed by Panic Button , experts in bringing home productions to laptops. Works like the recent Doom on Switch or Injustice and Disney Infinity on PS Vita do nothing but corroborate their good work with each project they work on.


Rocket League: Launch Trailer


Hybrid chicharrosThe sacrifice that Panic Button has had to make to bring Rocket League to Nintendo Switch has been in the visual section , very poor if we do not connect it to the base of the console, with respect to what was seen on PlayStation 4, Xbox One or a PC mid-range. The annoyance will pass quickly when you see that the fluidity of the game has not been lost, and that all the action has been maintained to be at the height of all the versions released so far. Port managers have promised to improve the visuals in the coming weeks, so we will have to wait for a future patch from the Texas team.

The number of game modes that Rocket League has added is enormous.

Once the console is connected to the Switch base, everything improves. Of course: we access, probably, the most modest version of Rocket League of all those released so far, but the reality is that it holds the type without problems. The on-line stability, for now, is great, and the present (after Minecraft) is compatible between PC players, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch , which expands borders enormously when it comes to finding games or sharing them with users of other systems. Sony, as you know, has closed in on the present field: we will have to wait for him to reconsider and join the party.

A comparison between tablet and base. Textures and patterns go down, but it maintains its frame rate.

The control is optimal in all its forms: we have played it with the Joycon attached to the Nintendo Switch, with a single Joycon sharing split screen game or with the Pro controller, which is probably the best option to enjoy the video game. How could it be otherwise, playing doubles on the system itself is a great option to play games with other friends who have Switch, since with three consoles you can enjoy the main mode anywhere. It is things like that that justify the arrival of Rocket League to the new Nintendo console.


Rocket League has kept all its playable virtues on SwitchThe landing in Rocket League on Switch has been closed with some vehicles and special items. It may be a somewhat simple solution and more elements could have been added, but since this is one of the main sources of emerging income for the team, it would not be surprising if new objects are added to the list in the future. Of course, practically all Rocket League pivots on multiplayer , both locally and online, limiting solo play to their hard work training and games against the machine. In any case, if you are not willing to play online and score goals against strangers, it may not be to your liking.

Bomb-proof gameplayThe main thing about this port is that Rocket League has kept all its virtues on Switch. It is now the players of the Kyoto brand who can enjoy the authentic Psyonix experience to check the secret behind one of the coolest works of recent times. One more new product for the hybrid platform, which since its premiere last March has not stopped adding very large productions of its own and of others in its increasingly extensive catalog. A few weeks after the end of the year, it is not unreasonable to say that 2017 has been the year of Switch, but it is not unusual to say that Nintendo’s portable concept has changed by force.

Will Psyonix surprise us with new made in Nintendo racing cars in the future?

If we do not connect it to the base of the console it visually losesNintendo 3DS, a magnificent high-powered platform, became independent from its older sisters to bring new things to the playable ecosystem. The Switch has brought publishers back to the crazy days when it believed that home versions of Donkey Kong Country or Killer Instinct could be taken from the Super Nintendo to the Game Boy. The difference now is radically different from that of the cited examples: examples like Doom, Skyrim or the present Rocket League show us that, now, such thinking is truly achievable. And I’m not exaggerating if I tell you that the one that best adapts to the benefits of the portable game is Psyonix.



Rocket league





Psyonix touched the sky with Rocket League. The game was crying out for the move to a portable console and the Nintendo Switch version, despite its graphical downturn, has managed to live up to the elements that characterize the successful competitive video game with a very reasonable price. He knows how to take advantage of the cross-network with PC and Xbox One. The debut on a Nintendo console could have been used to launch references and elements beyond the cars and decorations included, but it is difficult to ask for much more to a very remarkable port.

  • A port that adapts the main benefits of Rocket League on Switch
  • An experience that continues to guarantee fun without complexes
  • Take advantage of all the add-ons launched in the game in recent months
  • Meritorious cross-network stability on Nintendo Switch
  • In tablet mode it loses a lot visually
  • It would have been good to add some extra for a player
  • Beyond cars and decorations made in Nintendo, it does not differ from other ports
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