Ring Intercom: How It Works

Are you looking for a way to make your intercom smarter without having to spend crazy sums, having to call an installer and without having to ask the condominium assembly for approval? Then I really think you should check out Amazon ‘s Ring Intercom .

Ring Intercom easily connects to your existing doorphone (just follow the quick prompts in the app and use the included tools to establish the necessary connections) and allows you to receive real-time notifications when someone rings the doorphone, talk to visitors and open the building door directly from the Ring app for smartphones and tablets (therefore also remotely). It also allows you to give access to friends and relatives (via a Guest Key to be always generated from the app) or to Amazon couriers when they have a package to deliver.

Ring Intercom is also compatible with Alexa: it allows you to talk to visitors who have rung the intercom and to open the entrance door using the Amazon Echo speakers and all other devices compatible with Amazon’s voice assistant. Interesting, right? Then read on and find out more in detail how Ring Intercom works : I assure you it’s really that simple!


  • How to check compatibility with your intercom
  • How to install Ring Intercom
    • Creating your Ring account and connecting to your Amazon account
    • Initial setup of Ring Intercom
    • Wall installation and connection to the intercom
  • How to use Ring Intercom
    • How to add and remove a pre-approved guest
    • Use automatic verification for Amazon deliveries
    • Integration with Alexa
  • Ring support

How to check compatibility with your intercom

Before buying Ring Intercom you need to make sure that the device is compatible with your intercom model .

The intercom branding is usually printed on the outside surface, behind the cover or on the back. The model , on the other hand, is generally located behind the cover, near the terminal block; alternatively it can be found on the back of the intercom (in this case you have to unscrew the receiver from the wall and look for a sticker with the brand name and model number). To be sure that you have correctly identified the brand and model, try entering them on Google and check that the search leads to an intercom identical to the one you have at home.

To view the complete list of intercoms supported by Ring Intercom, I suggest you visit the official Ring website , where you can find a tutorial that will guide you step by step in checking compatibility. In case you are unable to identify the model or the model is not present in the list, you can ask for support from the Ring team by sending an email to [email protected] . The e-mail must contain a photo of your intercom taken from the front and one with the cover removed, showing the wires connected to the terminal block.

Once compatibility has been verified, you can buy Ring Intercom directly on Amazon, possibly choosing the kit that also includes a 5th generation Echo Dot .

How to install Ring Intercom

Installing Ring Intercom is very simple: just download the official Ring app for Android or iOS/iPadOS , scan the QR code on Ring Intercom and follow the on-screen instructions.

Creating your Ring account and connecting to your Amazon account

Going into more detail, once the app has been downloaded and started, you need to create a Ring account by pressing the appropriate button. You are therefore asked to indicate the country in which you live , your email address and to create a password to protect your account.

Optionally, you can accept the link with the Amazon account and log in to the latter to complete the procedure. This will allow you to take advantage of all the functions related to Amazon services and products, for example the possibility of commanding Ring Intercom with Alexa to open the door (without the need to enter a PIN) and the possibility of receiving Amazon parcels even when you are not at home (the courier can enter the
building and leave the package where the customer indicates).

As an additional security measure, you are asked to set up two-factor authentication by entering a code to be received via SMS. Once this step has also been completed, you can move on to the actual configuration of the Ring device.

Initial setup of Ring Intercom

To perform the initial setup of Ring Intercom , you need to press Configure a Ring device in the app and select the product to configure: in this case Ring Intercom .

You are therefore asked to enter the address where the product is installed, confirm it and assign it a name for easier recognition. Then you need to specify which input the Intercom device controls access to (eg Input ).

Once this is done, the app explains how to correctly prepare the Ring Intercom for operation: first of all, you need to charge the supplied battery (if already installed in the device, you need to remove it by first removing the front body and then the protective label); once charged, insert the battery into the appropriate Ring Intercom slot and wait for the device to enter configuration mode (when the blue light flashes).

Your smartphone should automatically detect the Wi-Fi network created by Ring Intercom: you must then accept to connect to it, wait a few seconds for communication with Ring Intercom to be established and indicate the name and password of the Wi-Fi network to which the product will connect.

Once the connection is established, a short initial tutorial starts which illustrates the main functions of Ring Intercom and allows you to activate some functions, such as the automatic verification for Amazon deliveries (allows verified couriers to enter the building when they have to make Amazon deliveries for you and for your neighbors) and add shared users or guests with automatic verification so that they can open the front door of the building, such as for members of your household (in this case, just enter their email address and follow the onscreen instructions).

Wall installation and connection to the intercom

The last step to carry out is to install Ring Intercom intended as connection of the device to your intercom. Also in this case, the app provides all the instructions necessary to complete the procedure in a short time (also with very intuitive video tutorials on each step to be taken).

First of all, you are asked to remove the intercom cover using the screwdriver supplied with Ring Intercom or other tools suitable for the purpose. It is good, for later reference, to take a photograph of the wiring, noting which wires are connected and how.

You then need to specify the brand and model of the intercom (you can find this information as already explained before) and follow the step-by-step instructions displayed in the app for wiring. Each intercom has a different procedure, so you have to follow the on-screen instructions exactly.

Once the wiring is completed (remember that the Ring Intercom wires are added to the existing wires in the intercom, they do not replace them) and verified that everything is in place, connect the wire to the Ring Intercom and mount the Ring Intercom on the wall next to the receiver using the double-sided adhesive strips on the device. It is important that for a correct fixing of the double-sided adhesive strips, the device is pressed on the wall for at least 30 seconds. Finally, you need to reinsert the Ring Intercom cover and reassemble the intercom body . Ring Intercom can also be fixed to the wall with the mounting screws provided in the box.

Important: Check the condition of the walls before applying the tape. The surface must be smooth and flat. We recommend using screws to install Ring Intercom if the wall is:

  • Textured or porous
  • Treated with VOC finish
  • Covered with wallpaper
  • Tinted with fresh paint
  • Painted with non-stick paint
  • Composed of exposed bricks, polystyrene or expanded materials
  • Aged or delaminated
  • In an environment with humidity level above 80%
  • In an environment with a temperature below 0°C or above 35°C.

If necessary, you can simply unplug your Ring Intercom and even take it to a new home.

Once the installation of Ring Intercom is complete, the firmware update of the device is proposed and a quick test to check that everything went as it should. To complete the test, wait for the device to enter test mode (with LED on), go to the intercom pushbutton panel outside the building , ring the intercom at your apartment and continue with the rest of the instructions given by the app. If the test fails, check FAQ 4 at the end of the text.

It’s all very simple, however if you have any problems installing Ring Intercom you can get further assistance by visiting the Ring Help Center page or by contacting the support team on the toll free, landline and mobile number, +39.800. 693.047 .

How to use Ring Intercom

Once everything has been configured correctly, every time someone rings the intercom, you receive a “call” on your smartphone. By answering the latter, it is possible to talk to anyone outside the building and, of course, to open the door (using the appropriate button in the app). The door can also be opened when not on a call via the Ring app dashboard.

In the dashboard of the application there are also the history of the “calls” and the button to purchase a Ring Chime , a device that acts as an extension to the doorphone ringtone (eg to be able to listen to it on another floor of the house).


Ring Chime, white

See offer on Amazon


By pressing the ☰ button you can access the Ring app menu through which you can manage Devices , Event history , Settings (name, address, shortcuts and shared access), Account settings (name, contact details, Amazon account association), access the Control Center and Help section .

It’s all very intuitive indeed, but let me walk you through in more detail some of the features that I found most useful and interesting.

How to add and remove a pre-approved guest

As mentioned above, Ring Intercom allows you to create virtual keys , even limited to certain days or certain time slots, to allow access to authorized users (e.g. family, friends or the cleaning company). The latter will thus be able to unlock the entrance to the building via their Ring app.

To add and remove a pre-approved guest, launch the Ring app , press the ☰ button and go to Devices , then select your Ring Intercom .

Once this is done, go to  Shared access > Access management and press the Add user button . You are then asked to choose whether to add a user with full access (who can use all the device’s functions) or a guest with automatic verification (to generate a guest key valid only on pre-established days and times). In this case, the second option should be selected.

You must then press the button to set an access duration  or  assign continuous access and proceed accordingly (so if you choose to set an access duration you must indicate the days and times in which to allow access). Next, the app asks if you want to set a schedule for the newly added self-verifying guest : you can choose between set a schedule , to set days and times to allow access, and 24/7 building access 7 in order not to place any limitations whatsoever. Finally, you need to indicate the guest’s email address and press the button to send the invitation .

Later it will be possible to manage the set guests, modify their permissions and remove unwanted ones from the same menu (☰ > Devices > Ring Intercom > Shared access). Read more here .

Use automatic verification for Amazon deliveries

With automatic verification for Amazon deliveries , you give the Amazon courier the opportunity to deliver packages even if you are not at home. Thanks to Ring Intercom, in fact, the courier can enter the building and leave the package where the customer indicates.

That’s right: Auto Verification allows Amazon to verify the carriers delivering Amazon packages within your building. If you activate automatic verification for Amazon’s deliveries, couriers will need to pass a verification check via the Amazon’s delivery app before being allowed into the building for a limited time. This way, they will be able to unlock the entrance and enter the building to deliver Amazon parcels. They will then deliver the package according to the instructions provided in the recipient’s Amazon account, for example by leaving the package in a safe space. This makes delivery completely interaction-free, allowing you to receive parcels whether you’re at home or away. Once the delivery has been completed and the timed access has expired,

To indicate delivery information in the absence of Amazon, however, you need to connect to the Addresses section of your account and click on the link to add delivery instructions for your address. Read more here .

To take advantage of this feature, you need to activate it in the Ring app and provide your absentee delivery information on Amazon. Therefore, in the app, just go to the > Devices menu , select the Ring Intercom , press the Shared access button and go to Amazon delivery in Automatically verified deliveries to then activate access permissions . Clearly, from the same menu it is also possible to revoke previously granted permissions.

Integration with Alexa

Ring Intercom integrates perfectly with Alexa , this means that it is possible to answer the intercom, end a conversation and unlock the entrance to your building (even without entering a PIN) directly from any product equipped with the famous Amazon voice assistant (e.g. the Echo speakers ).

To take advantage of this possibility, just install the Alexa app for Android or iOS/iPadOS and install the Ring skill by looking for it in the menu  > Skills and games . Once the skill is installed, simply connect with your Amazon account and configure voice unlock for Ring Intercom. To carry out this last operation, go to the Devices section of the Alexa app, select the item relating to Ring Intercom and activate the levers relating to opening via voice command and, if desired, to receiving announcements by pressing the bell . From the same menu you can also choose whether to request aPIN for opening the door.

Once everything has been configured, it becomes possible to answer the intercom with Alexa by formulating phrases such as “Alexa, talk to [name Ring Intercom]” , open the door with commands such as “Alexa, open the entrance door of the building” and finish conversations with phrases like “Alexa, close” . Read more here .

Ring support

If you have any questions or problems, Ring’s support team is always available and ready to help you. You can contact customer service by going to the Ring app menu  > Help and then pressing the item to contact support . Once in contact with an operator, he will examine the situation, perform a possible Ring Intercom firmware update and resolve any problems encountered.

Frequent questions.

  1. Is it possible to open more than one gate/door individually with Ring Intercom? It depends on the type of intercom and how many door opener buttons you have. You can check using this link: https://ring.com/intercom-compatibility-checker/ . The case supported by Ring intercom is the one with 2 doors that open together and only one open button.
  2. Can the opening time be reduced? Yes, please contact customer service, they can adjust the opening time if your original intercom allows.
  3. What to do if I don’t see the open button? It means your system may require you to press the call button to activate the unlock. Some doorphone systems have a security feature called “Ring to Unlock”. This is a security measure that the Ring Intercom system cannot circumvent or change. Please contact Ring customer support so they can enable the unlock button.
  4. What to do if I get a communication error during installation?

To find out if your system is digital or analog, go to: Device List Ring Intercom Device Dashboard Device Status Intercom Type .

  1. What can I do if the audio communication does not work or is disturbed? Select the option that is most relevant to your situation.
    • No audio available from visitor to building door or vice versa, audio with background noise or echo/delays.
    • Check if the audio works for the original intercom. If that doesn’t work, contact the intercom supplier about a possible problem. If the intercom works well for audio, check the steps below:
      • Complete the setup test flow and see if the unlock and call features work.
      • Check if the intercom is compatible with Ring Intercom and if the correct wiring instructions were used for the installation, as shown in the app during setup.
      • Check if all wires (in the intercom) and Ring Intercom (connector) are secure and not limp or broken at both ends.
      • Call customer support to resolve the issue.
    • Sound is very low –check your mobile/tablet device to make sure the external volume control is set to a comfortable level to be audible. Check to see if your Ring Intercom device’s audio settings are not set too low for your speaker or microphone.

Article made in collaboration with Amazon.


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