Guide Elden Ring – How to get through the Graveyard

Guide Elden Ring – How to get through the Graveyard.We talk about all the interesting places in the Graveyard: how to get through the dungeons, defeat all additional bosses, find invasion sites, the best weapons and armor.The Graveyard is a huge Elden Ring location that heralds your visit to Stormveil Castle, home to the game’s first main boss, Godric.

Guide Elden Ring – How to get through the Graveyard.

Guide Elden Ring - How to get through the Graveyard

1. Dungeon “Coastal Cave”. Recommended weapon level: 0+.

First safe dungeon with a few demihumans and a boss fight. After killing the boss, you will receive a sewing needle and tailor’s tools, which will allow you to change some parts of the armor. Take a torch with you, which is sold by Calais.

2. Temple of dragon communion. Recommended weapon level: 0+.

A small island off the southwest coast of Zagrave, accessed through the Coastal Cave after defeating the dungeon boss. This place is inhabited by harmless creatures. There is a ruined temple and a place of grace. There is an altar in the temple. On it, you can exchange dragon hearts for spells. Otherwise, there is nothing of value here.

3. Optional boss Guardian of the Tree. Recommended weapon level: 1+.

The reward for killing the Tree Guardian is a golden halberd. If you have completed all other tasks in the Graveyard and collected enough blacksmithing stone, then upgrade your weapon at least once. This will give you a significant advantage. You can lure him to the temple so that the boss stays behind the passage. Shoot him with your own bow.

4. Dungeon “Catacombs under the rock.” Recommended weapon level: 0+.

Crypt type dungeon. The first of its kind. Inhabited by demons. In almost every room you will find an ambush of one or two demons that hide on the side or hang on the walls. There are fire cannons at the far ends of the room. Better to shoot them from a distance. The clearing reward is dubious. Although there are special flowers (grave lily of the valley) that allow you to strengthen allied NPCs summoned with the help of ashes. But it will be possible to do this only after the completion of the necessary quest. You can also find the ashes of wandering nobles.

5. Dungeon “Forest Cave”. Recommended weapon level: 0+.

A small cave at the foot of the rocks on the western edge of the forest between the Kale temple and the ruins at the gate, north of the small pond. Home for a pack of wolves. It will take a minimum of time to clean up, there is nothing of value. The Fire Dragon Talisman dropped by the boss provides minor fire protection. You can also find a pot to create a bomb.

6. Storm gate. Recommended weapon level: 0+.

Can be reached from grace. One big ambush awaits you. A troll warrior will jump down and some of Godric’s soldiers will appear. You can get a talisman that increases the range of bows and crossbows by 65%. Hidden in a chest on the battlement. Climb up the rocks on the south side of the road. You can knock out a crossbow from the soldiers, be sure to take one. The best weapon if you don’t plan to increase your agility. At the foot of the ethereal tree growing outside the gate along the road, look for the golden seed. The same as mentioned above. Increases the number of flasks.

7. Shack on Thunder Hill. Recommended weapon level: 0+.

Follow the path up the hill above the Storm Gate to be ambushed by the wolves. It’s near the glowing tree. To the right of the crossroads, to the northeast is a shack with a young lady in a red cloak. Nothing to do with her yet. Just talk about everything. You will receive a gesture and summon jellyfish ashes. If you get Chrysalid’s memory from the castle and bring it to the girl, she will go to the Round Table. After talking with her and the blacksmith several times, the girl will offer to strengthen the ashes of the call for the flowers of the glover.

8. The prison on Thunder Hill. Recommended weapon level: 2+/1+.

Located on top of the cliffs north of Forest Cave and southwest of Storm Gate. Upon entering the Prison, you will find yourself in a closed arena where you will face an optional boss. This will be the Crucible Knight. However, there are even more Prisons around the world with other enemies. For victory, you will receive a special spell, but it requires 27 points of faith. If you do not increase faith, then there is no point in defeating this boss.

9. Dungeon “Tunnel of the Graveyard”. Recommended weapon level: 2+/1+.

On the northwestern edge of the lake, southeast of the ruins at the gate. To get from the north of the lake, follow the rocks to the south of grace and descend to the bottom of the lake from the lowest point. Turn around and head northwest to where the cliffs converge. The enemies of this dungeon are resistant to physical attacks except damage from strikes, so if your character is focused on melee, take a blunt weapon with you (club, regular or studded). Mages will have no difficulty. There are three small and five large fragments of shiny stone in the tunnel. Be sure to save them for the boss to boost your firepower for a guaranteed kill. The Rev Talisman that drops from the boss works well with strength builds that use skills like the warcry. More importantly, you’ll find a blacksmith’s stone to upgrade weapons to +3. Miners,

10. Dungeon “Hero’s Grave”. Recommended weapon level: +7.

A large and very dangerous crypt, which can be accessed through a sealed passage in the first location. Two sword keys are required to open it. They can be obtained as a gift when creating a character. However, it is not worth going there during the first visit. The most valuable items drop out for killing bosses, but it is almost impossible to kill the boss of this dungeon without improved equipment. Moving along the main hall, you will find three large jugs hanging on the wall just behind the second platform. They can be knocked down with ranged weapons by breaking the chains they hang on. Disarming the trap will reward you with Erdtree’s Greatbow and 10 Greater Arrows, but the weapon requires a high level of Strength, Dexterity, and Faith. Yes, and there is no ammunition for him at the beginning of the game. Erdtree’s Talisman of Favor grants a negligible 3-7% to Max HP, endurance and load capacity. Inferior to other talismans, which can be obtained even earlier without spending the xiphoid key and without investing so much effort. The dragon communion seal is only needed if you plan to use dragon spells.

11. Burnt ruins. Recommended weapon level: 0+.

On the southern shore of Lake Agil. Inhabited by weak enemies who set up ambushes. Be careful, especially if you took a large number of runes with you. A dagger is hidden in the basement of the southernmost building. To get to the entrance, you need a double Flux jump, which allows you to climb the walls. The north staircase in the center leads to a basement with enemies and a treasure chest. If you don’t jump back, she will teleport you to the middle of Celia’s cave. This is an extremely dangerous place, located far from the Graveyard. You won’t be able to kill the enemies inside. We’ll have to run past and seek grace. Once outside (after resting at the place of grace), you can teleport to any previously discovered grace.

12. Optional boss Eghil, the winged dragon. Recommended weapon level: +1.

When you approach the sacrificial fire on the northwestern island in Eghill Lake, a spectacular appearance of a flying predator will take place. Despite the fact that the Dragon may seem intimidating at first glance, in fact it is not so strong and can be fought using ordinary equipment without additional pumping. If you have a large melee weapon or magic spells, this battle will be much easier. Move on the Stream and aim at the dragon’s legs or wings. Try to stay behind the enemy. Using a bow or crossbow, you can take cover behind the debris along the cliffs on the west bank and fire at the enemy if you have enough ammo. The talisman, which increases the firing range, will significantly simplify the task. You will be given runes and a dragon heart, which can be exchanged at the temple for dragon spells.

13. NPC Invasion Bloodfinger Nerius. Recommended weapon level: +2.

If you follow the riverbed north under the bridge on the east side of the lake, you will run into an invasion by the Bloodfinger of Nerius. Behind the cave on the left. If you move on the Stream, it will automatically disappear. Nerius uses a very fast blade that causes bleeding. The weapon skill allows you to shoot powerful red projectiles. He is very mobile and can quickly finish off your hero. Don’t try to dodge towards him. As soon as you deliver a few accurate blows, Yura will appear. Allied NPC and the fight will be easier. Yura is a rather strong warrior. You can run in his direction, to the south. To the north of it there is a spiritual spring with skeletons. One of them will have a pair of curved bandit swords. A weapon with high base damage and a large area of ​​effect. Better scimitar.

14. Dirty cave. Recommended weapon level: +0.

A tiny dungeon located on the western riverbed, not far north of the lake. Here appears Nerius – the character described above. This is a simple dungeon consisting of three rooms, a few weak enemies and an annoying boss. There are several traps hidden in the tall grass in the central adit. If you hit, all enemies will know about your presence. After entering the boss arena, open the chest. Don’t kill the enemy! Patchwork will give up. Just stop the fight and wait. Summoning allies to this fight is not recommended as you won’t be able to stop them. Patchwork will provide access to the trading inventory, but the next day. He has a number of useful items – buy Margit’s shackles as they will give you a unique advantage in battle! Do not open the chest again, otherwise you will fall into a trap that teleports you to the Misty Forest – a place

15. Dirty catacombs. Recommended weapon level: +0.

Another simple dungeon filled with imps and arrow traps that activate when you press the plates. There are ambushes at almost every turn, so take your time and kill the demons. You can find 5 pieces of gravity stone in a room with a lever that opens the way to the boss. They instantly break the balance of the enemy, but the boss is very mobile, so it will be difficult to use them. So if they are used, then only with a summoned spirit, a lone wolf, which will distract the boss. After defeating an enemy, you will receive his war hammer. This weapon has an upgraded version of the Warcry skill, which deals massive damage to super armor and can crush almost any enemy with a jump attack.

16. Dungeon “Cave under the road.” Recommended weapon level: +0.

Medium sized cave located at the head of the river on top of the cliffs a good distance north of the Dirty Catacombs. The easiest way to get to this area is to use the current of air near the entrance to the catacombs to climb the rocks, then ride the stream north along the river until it ends at the sea.

Despite its size and variety of enemies, this dungeon contains nothing of value other than a few blacksmithing stones. The blue talisman of the dancer, which drops from the boss, provides a small increase in physical strength – in proportion to the character’s workload. Does not increase spell damage. Only suitable if you will use ranged attacks, as you will have to lower the character’s defense. The passage to the boss is hidden behind a waterfall in a flooded adit at the bottom of the dungeon. Take a club or a spiked club with you and attack the legs of the golem guard using charged blows on R2. Two of these attacks knock the opponent down and allow him to deliver a critical hit to his core.

17. Dungeon “Dead Catacombs”. Recommended weapon level: +2.

A small crypt with a simple layout and several large rooms. All the local enemies are skeletons, so bring pots of fire or holy water with you to make the fights easier. You can also kill the knight Godric on horseback patrolling the plateau above the entrance to the dungeon and get the Ashes of War with the Golden Oath weapon skill. This skill will endow the weapon with sacred damage, increase damage to the dead. The boss fight will start with a depleted health bar. Despite his relative defense, he is not that difficult. Automatically dodges any projectiles thrown and jumps back, moving out of melee range. Sorcerers can keep their distance and use homing spells. The talisman you get for defeating an enemy is one of the best early game melee builds.

18. Knight of Godric on horseback. Recommended weapon level: +1.

On top of the cliffs southwest of the entrance to the death’s touch catacombs, you’ll find the Knight Godric on horseback. After defeating him, you will receive the Ashes of War with the Golden Pledge skill (it is not necessary to kill the horse, only the rider). This skill increases the attack and defense of the hero and his allies. Equally affects both melee damage and spell damage. You can activate this skill, then switch to a weapon with “Warcry” and get a significant increase in damage.

19. Warrior’s shack. Recommended weapon level: +3.

From the Thunder Hill Hut, follow the road east-northeast until you pass two Kaiden mercenaries roaming next to a wrecked horse cart. Not far from the cart, on the south side of the road in front of a crossroads surrounded by trees, is another shack, lit by a brazier hanging inside. Nearby there is a place of grace. Step inside to meet Knight Bernal, who will teach you a new melee-focused weapon skill for a modest fee. After talking to Bernal, return to the hut at night and find that he is missing. When you come to the place where Bernal used to stand, a bell hunter will appear in his place and attack you. This is an extremely difficult opponent, comparable in strength to the boss in Stormveil Castle. He has a lot of health, without improved weapons, don’t even poke around here. Fighting in close combat is difficult. He often attacks, there will be few free “windows” for your strikes. Fast strikes also make it harder to dodge.

He also throws a sword and delivers telekinetic attacks from a medium distance, so the safest option is to deal with him from a distance using projectiles or magic. He quickly closes the distance using a charge, or use the hut and the surrounding area as cover. If you manage to emerge victorious, you will receive a special item. Give the bell to the twins from the Round Table to unlock additional items in their shop.

20. Invasion of NPC Henrik. Recommended weapon level: +1.

Follow the road north from the crossroads near the warrior’s hut until you reach the abandoned Colosseum. When you approach the entrance, NPC Henrik will appear. He uses a huge hammer with elemental fire damage and a unique skill. However, this is not a particularly difficult enemy. He is vulnerable to fast weapons that can easily interrupt and stun him due to his low durability. After defeating Henrik, you will receive a gold talisman. This is an unremarkable talisman that increases stamina damage by 20%. On the corpse lying right in front of the entrance to the Colosseum, look for the duelist’s finger and a small red effigy.

21. Free blacksmith stones. Recommended weapon level: +0.

On top of the cliffs directly north of the ruins at the gate, you will encounter a large number of trolls wandering aimlessly across the grassy field. In the center of the field is a statue that emits white light. Lure one of the trolls to her and make him attack the statue to discover a large cache of blacksmith stones. You don’t need to fight the trolls themselves, as you won’t get anything for them (other than runes). After searching the cache, call on the Stream and run away.

22. Bridge of the Saints. Recommended weapon level: +2.

Take advantage of the air flow south of the cave under the road to climb the cliffs and access the grace of the “Bridge of the Saints”. By itself, this area does not belong to dungeons, etc., but there are several interesting places here. Follow the road west into the mountains until you hear cries for help. This shout will lead you to the warrior Alexander, who is stuck in the ground. Help him get out and he will reward you with delicious meat and some information about the castle.

An enemy with a pumpkin head on the bridge can drop a helmet, although you can get it in other places as well. There are several shards of blacksmith’s stone on a nearby corpse. Cross the bridge to the east to find a merchant. He has recipes for poisoned arrows and bolts. There is a small cemetery with skeletons along the road east of the trader’s camp. Eastern tombstones will have a mage that can drop a weapon – a very powerful scythe with modest stat requirements. Causes bleeding. Two knights will appear next to the magician. They have a chance to drop the Sun Kingdom shield, which requires only 8 strength to use effectively, but provides significantly better protection compared to starting shields.

23. Guiding ruins. Recommended weapon level: +0 or +2 at night.

A small open ruin on top of the eastern cliffs overlooking the lake. From the lake, follow the bridge to the southeast. Along the way, you will encounter a lot of enemies, so stick to the bushes and try to stay out of sight. Eliminate them stealthily or sneak past. When you get to the bridge, you will see a silver scarab. Kill him to get Ashes of War with a useful weapon skill. Among the enemies there are a couple of trolls moving the wagon. If you kill one of the trolls, the wagon will stop and you can pick up the large ax hidden in the chest. At night, the road is patrolled by a night cavalryman – a ghost of a warrior in armor riding a black horse and with an ax in his hands. Although this is a strong opponent, he has low HP, and on foot he becomes much less dangerous. Therefore, attack the animal first. The Cavalryman will drop another Ashes of War with Repetitive Blow. This is a great weapon skill and is best used on weapons with a wide range.

When you cross the bridge, head south from the intersection, then turn left onto the side path leading between south and southeast. There are several enemy groups here. Watch out for people with straight swords and rapiers. Both weapons can drop from them. The ruins are abandoned, but there are enemies there. It is pointless to fight him, as they are guarding minor consumables. But if you want, use fire. The real treasure is hidden underground, so look for the stairs leading to the basement. Enter the boss room. It will be an insane pumpkin-headed enemy armed with a flail. A slightly improved version of the regular pumpkinheads. Aim at any part of the body except the head. You will receive a pumpkin helmet. Enter the next room to meet the sorceress Sellena. She can teach you spells at the Round Table.

24. South of Lake Agil. Recommended weapon level: +0.

The area surrounding the southeastern edge of the lake contains a minimum of items. To get to the place of grace, follow the main road south of Waypoint Ruins and keep an eye on the western side of the road. You will see this place among the trees on your right, just behind the lake. If you’re playing a wizard, head east across the road from grace, go a little bit up the hill to the south, and you’ll see the enemy camp at the top of the hill. There are no valuables in the main camp, so turn left towards the rocks in front of the entrance and use the Stream’s double jump to climb up the ledges to the south, on the opposite side of the ruins from the camp.

You need to get to the south side of the nearest stone structure in order to jump to its top. Go around from the far end to stay out of sight of enemies (except for one or two). As soon as you get to the top, kill the sorcerer and take the scroll from the nearest corpse. Bring the scroll to Sellen at the Round Table so she can teach you new spells.

Another attraction of this place is the southern edge of the lake, northwest of grace. There you will find a silver scarab with the ashes of war and a weapon skill. But you have to kill a big crab. And if you enter the water next to the scarab, two other crabs will come out and attack you. under the large arches on the lake west of the scarab you will meet Yura. The dialogue with him will differ depending on whether you defeated the dragon.

25. Optional boss of the Penitentiary. Recommended weapon level: +2 or +0 if you summon an ally.

Secondary, optional boss. The prison is located on a hill, south of grace in the south of the lake. You can go there at any time, but it will be much easier to fight if you have received the “Finger Snap” gesture from Kale and met the Half-Wolf Bladed in the Misty Forest Ruins. This enemy fights like a beast, aggressively, with unpredictable movements. He has little super armor, which means you can deal damage using a jump and heavy strike with almost any weapon. Bladed deals high damage, he is an aggressive fighter, and if you coordinate your actions correctly, you can stun the boss. After the battle, Bladed will stand near the Penitentiary. Be sure to talk before leaving. He will give you a rare dark smithing stone to upgrade your special weapon. The one you just received.

26. Seaside ruins. Recommended weapon level: +0.

South of the dragon-burnt ruins and west of Yura’s camp, you’ll find the Seaside Ruins with Grace on the edge of a cliff overlooking a small, secluded beach. This is one of the places where Melina will approach you if you haven’t met her elsewhere in the world. You can get to the coast from below on Potok, using a double jump. Climb down the pillars by the cliff until you can jump down to survive. Under the destroyed arch on the beach is an enemy armed with a two-handed sword. He’s a little more durable than the normal people you’ve encountered up to this point. If possible, fight him from a distance. Destroying the enemy will give you the ashes of war, which will give you a weapon skill. At the northern end of the beach, there is a cave connected to the Lost Cemetery. There will be a talisman.

27. Surroundings of Stormveil Castle. Recommended weapon level: +0.

The outer neighborhood of the Stormvale Castle Wall contains a few more items. Collect them before moving on. Follow the road north from the broken bridge (take the right path at the fork in the road). Climb down the rubble to the nearest ledge after getting the recipe from the corpse on the bridge. Kill the Silver Scarab on the ledge to get Ashes of War with Storm Wall. Weapons will be able to deflect physical projectiles such as fire pots, arrows, and bolts. The path goes up a narrow slope to the southeast of the scarab’s location. If you go there to grace, Melina will appear there, who will provide access to the Round Table. You can go there, but until you defeat the two bosses in the castle, you won’t be able to explore the Round Table and take advantage of all its features.

Return to the hut and follow up the road to the north. Turn right at the fork, go south. You will see soldiers guarding the gate and a silver scarab. The Scarab will drop Ashes of War with Savage Strikes. Universal weapon skill for axes or axes. Stay away from the gate so you don’t get hit by the guns. After killing everyone, go to the gun on the side, on the left side. Inside the tunnel will be grace, and behind it – the first serious boss, Margit.

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