Walkthrough Elden Ring

Walkthrough Elden Ring.How to Complete All Story Quests and Defeat Every Story Boss in Elden Ring.At the beginning of the game, select the desired character class. Search the corpse on the right to get a special item – a finger, open the door and take the only route through the bridge.

Walkthrough Elden Ring

Here you will be attacked by an enemy, from the hands of which you are likely to die. And even if you manage to defeat him, you will still be forced to die. For defeating the enemy, you can get a great shield and a set of dual straight swords, which cannot be used at this stage.

After the next cut-scene, you will find yourself in a new place. You will be given flasks that allow you to restore HP and OK. a ghost sits on the right, and a message near him indicates a training cave below. Jump down to be in the Cave of Knowledge. Do not ignore it, because here you will be told about the basics of the combat system and controls. Go through this Cave to find out some important details.

Walkthrough Elden Ring.

When you pass the cave, you will return to the same place. Climb up the steps and go through the door. You will find another blessing. Interact with her to activate this place. In the future, you will be able to move from anywhere in the world to all visited graces. On the right is a stone statue. If you chose the sword key when customizing your character, you can use it to enter the secret area. At the current stage, defeating the boss of this area is almost impossible. However, you can collect some valuable items that will be useful in the future passage. Make it real. Avoid enemies or lure them into traps. And don’t fall into these traps yourself. When you run across the narrow bridge, at the very beginning of it you can jump down, on the left side, to get into a secret area.

Sword keys are a rare and valuable item. But using them left and right for every imp statue is a mistake. In secret areas you can find unique items. In many cases, fog-shrouded areas offer new routes or shortcuts. Some Imp Statues already have one Sword Key, so you’ll need another one. There are no keys in others, so you have to spend two keys at once. Statues that require two keys usually lead to some kind of valuable reward.


After getting out on the stone elevator, you will find yourself in the Graveyard. Ahead, a little further than Grace, is the first NPC. To the east, in the bushes lies the body of a martyr. Examine it once to get a small golden effigy. Examine a second time to activate the spawn location. Talk to the man who introduces himself as Varre. You will learn about the Graveyard and that your main goal is the castle in the northwest. You can go there right now, but instead it is highly recommended to explore the Graveyard, level up to the maximum and collect as many items as possible.

There is a lot of content in Elden Ring and most of it is not related to the story. There are story areas with main bosses that lead to the end of the game. While exploring the Graveyard, you will inevitably encounter strong enemies. Run away from them or use stealth. Feel free to do this, as there are many dangerous opponents in the game, and the game may not be worth the candle.

Walkthrough Elden Ring

A golden knight on a horse wanders next to grace. This is the Guardian of the Tree – an additional boss that can be fought at any time. If it spots you, it will pursue for a limited distance and then lose interest and return to its patrol route. However, any damage that you managed to inflict on him will be saved. You can defeat this boss with the help of the opening battle, but it is extremely difficult to do this, and the resulting loot will not work right away.

The first task is to familiarize yourself with the terrain. You have access to a map of the area, but you can’t see any terrain. The places you found will appear on it, but this is not enough. You need to get a map of Zamogilje, which is located nearby. Start small. Make your way past the Tree Guardian to the temple ahead. To the right of the main entrance there is a dead man. After studying it, you can get a rune. There is grace inside the ruins. At the far end of the building sits a traveling merchant. Take the blacksmith stone from the anvil, then talk to Kale. He recommends buying a master’s kit. If you use the received rune, you will have enough funds to do it. Runes are the same souls from Dark Souls, the main game currency and the items that give it. Make a purchase and rest in grace. Examine the merchant’s inventory, read the descriptions of all items.

Exploring the world of the game, you will find glowing skulls. Be sure to break them to collect runes and use them. For each you will receive 200 runes needed to buy items, learn spells or upgrade your character. At night, you may notice glowing leaves flying from the tree. After collecting them, you will receive a temporary buff to increase the number of runes dropped from enemies (approximately 4-5% more). This is a cumulative bonus.

Follow the path from the church through the forest. You will come across several soldiers patrolling. Kill them or avoid them until you find the ruins of the settlement in front of the Storm Gate. There is a place of grace near the gate. Take a rest. A girl will approach you, who will introduce herself as Melina and offer her help. Even if you refuse, you can re-sit down to grace and talk to her. From now on, you will be able to spend runes to increase the level of the character and pumping any characteristics. With each new point, the cost of leveling up increases. You will also receive a ring that will allow you to summon Flux, a ghostly runner.

Walkthrough Elden Ring

The flow allows you to move quickly and conduct mounted combat. He can also double jump, allowing you to jump over chasms and climb some hills that you can’t climb on your own. First, examine the monument in the settlement in front of the thunder gate to get the first part of the map. You can bypass or kill all enemies. When you do this, open the map and return to the temple where the Kale merchant is located. He will be unconscious. The witch of Renna will appear nearby. Confirm that you are riding the Stream to receive the summoning bell and lone wolf’s ashes. You can now use the bell near Summon Monuments to summon different spirits from the ashes. For example, if you are waiting for a difficult battle with a boss or an enemy group. Buy a torch from Kale and spend other funds to get recipes.

See the monument icon on the left side of the screen? This icon indicates the possibility of summoning a spirit from the Ashes. You need to put a bell in your hand. Summon the wolf and use it to clear out the Storm Gate garrison in the ruins to the east. Your first priority is to kill the soldier with the bugle. If he blows it, the entire garrison will be aware of your presence. You can kill enemies by sneaking up on them from behind and attacking from behind. Beware of the spear-wielding knight. He is dressed in heavier armor than ordinary soldiers, deals a lot of damage and defends himself with a powerful shield.

Walkthrough Elden Ring.

Walkthrough Elden Ring yes

After clearing the camp, you can loot the soldiers. The two wagons contain the greatsword and the flail, two new weapons. In the treasury in the dungeon, you can find a sharpening knife and ashes of war with a new weapon skill. With a sharpening knife, you can use any ashes of war to replace weapon skills. You can get the Map Fragment for the Graveyard, which lies at the base of the Large Waystone. It will be much easier for you to navigate.

Return to the Kale Temple. You should have enough runes to buy all the other important items: recipes, pots, and two notes. Any other goods are related to the multiplayer game, and if you are not going to participate in such modes, you should not spend runes on them. You will meet another merchant soon, so save the runes for future purchases. Summon the Stream and drive southwest from the church to the coast. Climb down the rocks to the western beach, beware of the troll. This is a very strong enemy, and although it is possible to kill him, at this stage it is best to leave him alone. Stay away, hug the rock and head down to the east. The troll has poor peripheral vision, so it won’t see you.

Once on the beach, follow the base of the cliffs to the north until you find a line of glowing lights. This is an invisible enemy – a scarab. Time your attack by getting in the way of the scarab to beat the ashes of war out of it with the new weapon skill. Summon the Stream again and ride south along the coast. You will pass by huge globular enemies and a few small ones. You can ignore them if you don’t need a lot of runes. You need to aim at two tentacles, then hit the beak to destroy powerful armor. A helmet of a bizarre shape can fall out, which is not distinguished by anything else. A little further you will meet demihumans. Weak enemies that become a threat if they gather in a crowd or fight at night. Immediately behind them will be the entrance to the cave. Leave it for later and continue along the beach, which goes to the east. Soon you will find yourself in the merchant’s camp. In the nearest cave, you can knock out all three types of weapons from demihumans.

Talk to the merchant, buy recipes and notes from him. In the first case, you will be able to create arrows and fire bolts, and the notes will give a hint on how to defeat the boss in the tunnels of the Graveyard. Other items are optional, although the shortbow can be your first ranged weapon (unless you started out as a samurai or rogue). In another note, the vulnerabilities of the enemies are indicated. If you have completed all these steps, you should have enough pieces of equipment to make the story part easier. However, there are many other additional areas and dungeons that will greatly simplify the task.

Walkthrough Elden Ring

Let’s list all the secondary areas and indicate what rewards there are. Perhaps you simply don’t need some of them. But as soon as you feel the strength in yourself, you can proceed to the Storm Gate. To get to the castle, head to the Storm Gate, summon the Flux, and ride northwest through the gate. Soldiers and a troll will appear, you should not fight them. Just go around all the enemies on the horse. Continue following the road that goes north. On the right there will be a seedling with a golden seed. Pick it up to increase the number of flasks (by the fire). A little further there will be a fork with grace and a hut. When approaching the castle, stay away from the road and fortifications, otherwise you will be fired from a powerful ballista. Go around the enemies on the side and destroy them all. Enter the corridor and activate the place of grace.

More details about all the locations of the Graveyard are described in a separate guide.

How to beat Margit

Margit is vulnerable to poison and scarlet rot. At the beginning of the game, you will not have poison projectiles that provide a long-term poison effect, and the poison does little damage, so it is pointless to use it now. It is best to focus on his susceptibility to bleeding. You can call him with a spiked club. When you deal enough damage to his super armor, Margit will be knocked down and you can land a critical hit from the front or back.

Also, melee characters should use javelins and throwing daggers. This serves two purposes. Firstly, you will force Margit to return to melee if he retreats, and secondly, you will damage him. Throwing a knife deals 1/16 damage to Margit’s Super Armor. It is not recommended to use small or medium shields. He will have long combos, and some hits will deal damage past the shield. If you pass the Mirkwater Cave halfway up the river north of Agil Lake, you will find a merchant from whom you can buy Margit’s shackles. This is a reusable tool that equips in a quick access slot. He briefly traps Margit in a pool of golden energy, incapacitating the enemy and preventing them from moving for approximately three seconds. Chains can be used twice per battle, but only during the first phase.


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