Rime guide, tips and tricks

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Welcome to our guide to RiME , an adventure of puzzles, exploration and platforms developed by the Spanish studio Tequila Works .

In this guide we will give you a series of tips so that you learn to take the first steps through the game, we will explain how to overcome the adventure step by step , and we will detail how to get the different collectibles that you can find.


  1. Main story
  2. Tips
  3. Collectibles
  4. Controls

Main story

  • Chapter 1 :Our first steps in the game. We wake up on a beach and we have to travel an island overcoming different challenges, until we reach the great tower that we see in the distance. It is here where we will meet our little great ally for the rest of the game: the red fox.
  • Chapter 2 :A desert area where shortly after arriving we will run into a great enemy, a flying beast that will make life impossible for us throughout the chapter, and that we will have to avoid at all costs by taking cover. Our main objective will be to activate the three mills in order to continue.
  • Chapter 3 :A mysterious temple in which we will have to avoid the dark beings, who have now become hostile, and where we will have to activate the automatons, a kind of two-legged robots that will help us get out of this place.
  • Chapter 4 :The final zone of the adventure, a sad and gloomy place where the rain does not stop raining, and in which again we will have to activate four statues while we dodge the dark beings.


In RiME there are no tutorials that teach us how to play, and as you will see, the story is not told in words either, only with images. Next, we are going to give you a series of tips so that you learn to play and that can be applied at different times of the adventure.


  • Shortly after starting the adventure we will see a small red foxthat will show us the way in many moments and will serve as a guide . To know what you have to do next you have to follow him, although he will not always be there to guide us. If you get stuck in a situation for a long time, it is very likely that it will appear.
  • The shoutbutton (Triangle / Y), has different uses, such as interacting with the environment by activating devices, stoking fires or scaring animals. Its function is contextual, it depends on the situation, and many of the actions that we carry out screaming are not necessary to continue in the adventure and are simply optional, such as fanning fires. Use the action of yelling in different situations to see different effects.
  • To know which places we can climb and move, we must look at the walls and cliffs at some marks of white paint on the stone, which always show us the way. When you get stuck in a situation and don’t know how to proceed, carefully look around for a white trail.
  • Although the adventure has a linear development, they always allow us to explorethe scenarios to find different types of collectibles . Do not get too obsessed with them since when you finish the game they allow you to repeat any chapter, and also indicate the collectibles that we are missing in each of them, which makes the search much easier.
  • Remember that some objectsthat you take with Square / X, can be thrown if you hold down the button for a few seconds. This is used in a couple of puzzles in the game.
  • The rollingaction is hardly used throughout the game, but in one of the final chapters, when a certain threat appears, it can be useful to escape from the clutches of the enemies.
  • If you have not understood the storydo not worry, it makes sense at the end, and after the credits go to the option to load chapter, which reveals many doubts.


In addition to overcoming the main story, the RiME scenarios hide various types of collectibles , and it is interesting to collect them, since they give us more details of the game’s history. If the first time you are overcoming the adventure you have left some, do not worry, since when you finish the main story you will be able to reload any chapter of the story, clearly indicating which collectibles you are missing in each one of them.

Here are the different collectibles you can find while exploring the world of RiME .

  • Outfits (6): these are outfits with which we can change the appearance of the protagonist, accessing the options menu at any time.
  • Toys (7): several small figures such as a fox, a bird, a boat or a mill that we will find on a pedestal.
  • Emblems (18): these are the pieces of some medallions that we can rebuild. In total there are five of these medallions, and in each chapter we can find the pieces belonging to the same medallion.
  • Nana (6): they are some shells that we find on some pedestals, and when we collect the six pieces we will form a song.
  • Locks (8): these are locks that we can find on walls and walls, and when we look through them we will see an image. These images tell us the story of the game, making them one of the most important collectibles.

Now we are going to tell you which are the exact collectibles that we can find in each chapter of the story. Remember that when you have passed the story, you can load any chapter at any time.

All Rime collectibles


  • Left Stick:Move
  • Right stick:Move the camera
  • X / A:Jump, dive (ascend)
  • Circle / B:roll, dive (descend), drop objects, descend on ledges
  • Square / X:take objects, interact with the environment, throw objects if we leave it pressed
  • Triangle / Y:shout

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