Is there a right time to get married?

Marriage is a very important step in people’s lives, which usually comes after dating. More traditional couples usually date for a few years to get to know each other well and have the financial means to get married. But is there a right time for the wedding?

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Society charges

Whenever a couple announces that they are getting married, it is common for people to make comments, such as: “But already? They don’t even know each other! ” or “At last! I thought they were going to date forever. ” There is no way, society is always demanding and it is up to us to take into account or not.

If a couple is dating for a few months and decides to get married, many will be against the decision, because there is the idea that it takes time to get to know each other well enough during courtship and only then decide if that is really the ideal person for you to share the love with. your life.

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On the other hand, when a couple has been dating for more than two or three years, questions and demands begin. It is common for them to even say that the man is “rolling” the woman. For these people, it has already given them enough time to get to know each other and, therefore, they must move on to what would be a second step, marriage.

But who is right? Who thinks it’s too early or who believes the couple is wasting time? The answer to these questions is somewhat subjective. After all, there are no rules and laws when it comes to each individual’s life. It is not possible to define that all couples must marry after two years of dating, for example.

Finances and marriage

When it comes to marriage, love is key, but is it enough? As important as it is, you cannot sustain a marriage with love alone. Getting married involves sharing a house, often leaving the parents’ house, and, for that, it is necessary to have financial conditions. You cannot start a new life without knowing where the couple will live, how they will support themselves and pay the bills.

Perhaps one of the answers to the question of “when is the right time to get married” is: When the couple has the financial means to support themselves . This does not mean having a lot of money for a luxurious life, but it is important that they are prepared to afford the lifestyle they intend to lead.

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More important than the money itself is what it can provide, that is, it is very difficult to be happy living a life outside the standards with which one is accustomed. For example: A person who has lived comfortably for years in their parents’ home may find it difficult to adapt by living on limited resources.

It is an illusion to believe that love will always overcome everything. Of course, there are exceptions and money is not everything, but there are a large number of couples who end up separating because they cannot understand each other financially.

Therefore, when it comes to finances, the right time to get married is when you are able to afford the life you want to lead. Of course, taking into account that it is natural to have plans and ambitions for new conquests. But it is important to have, from the beginning, how to maintain and sustain a home to start a new life.

The age of the couple

Another point that leads to discussions when it comes to the ideal time to get married is the age of the couple. In the same way as it was said before, when the two are too young, it is common for many people to criticize the decision, thinking that they are not mature enough to take such an important step.

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When the couple is over 30 years old, something similar happens, only the opposite, society thinks they are past the age of marriage. This charge with more mature people is due to the fact that the wedding charges are accompanied by charges for having children and the woman’s fertility has an expiration date.

The truth is that there is no right age for marriage, each being is unique and there may be a person in their 20s who is mature enough to make this decision, in the same way that another 35 may not yet be sure whether or not to marry. Each person has his life, his experiences and it is not possible to define in numbers who is or is not ready to marry.

Taking age into account, we find that there is no right number to get married. The right time is when you are mature enough to decide.

The couple’s understanding

A fundamental point about the right time to get married is the couple’s understanding, that is, if they are happy together, respect each other, get along well. Many couples stay together for convenience, custom or other interests, but they are not really happy. (10 reasons why people don’t end bad relationships)

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Obviously, there are no perfect relationships, fights and disagreements are common and are part of the knowledge process of two people. However, when this becomes frequent, it is a sign that something is wrong.

If dating is not going well, it is not after marriage that things will improve, quite the contrary. With marriage, the problems tend to get even bigger. If a couple of lovers, who are together only a few hours a day, already fight, imagine when they live under the same roof.

Seen in this light, the right time to get married is when the couple understand each other, respect each other, know each other’s defects and qualities.

Marriage should not be a hasty decision

Deciding whether to get married or not is as important as choosing a profession, as it is something you do thinking about a lifetime, a future. As much as a while later you may decide to change your profession or end a marriage, the initial thought is usually of a permanent nature. After all, nobody starts a game thinking about losing it.

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So, think carefully before taking this step. Often, when you are in a healthy and solid relationship, the decision to get married ends up being natural. But it is always important to think about whether this is the right time and to analyze the points mentioned here.

A marriage that takes place in the midst of certainty and security will certainly be much happier than something unthinkable. For the sake of your relationship, be cautious.

Conclusion on the right time to get married

We talked about the main points that involve such a “right time to get married”, which are: finances , maturity and understanding . If you are thinking of getting married or have a family member in this situation, consider these points before forming your opinion.

Often, listening to sincere advice from a more experienced family member or friend can be very important. Of course, you can’t listen to people who want to meddle without really worrying about you. Listen to those who love you and wish you happiness, they may have valuable lessons to offer you.

Likewise, if you have a close person who is thinking of getting married, talk, advise, but try not to try to impose anything. Impositions will not change anyone’s mind, quite the contrary. Already a frank and peaceful conversation can make the person think better about it.

In conclusion, the right time to get married is when you meet someone who transmits love to you, and, above all, security. If you feel confident that this is the right time and the right person is a sign that you are at the right age to get married. Enjoy the gift of having found your true love and be happy.


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