The comic was born and developed during the nineteenth century as a means of expression of mass dissemination, and did so evenly with journalism. In fact, they were inseparable companions, since the great American newspapers of the time were made public thanks to their illustrations. Keep in mind that a large number of emigrants traveling to the US did not know the language, but did understand what the comic book images conveyed.

A lot of ink has run since the first daily strips of newspaper comics, which were black and white and were scattered in the newspaper. It was from the twentieth century and the generalization of Sunday supplements when a supplement dedicated to the comic was born, occupying one or several full pages .

From there, and given the great acceptance of the public, the evolution of the comic continued its unstoppable escalation, until it became the so-called comic book. Yes, the comic became a perfect new genre to immerse the viewer in pure escape.

A perfect space to live the comic

Finally, the comics were consolidated as full-color books where superheroes come alive, with an aesthetic that is the opposite pole to the cartoon. The formula for success was clear, and the comic continues to gain its own space day by day, as perfectly reflected in a comic book store like Norma . Founded in Barcelona in 1983, Norma Cómics is one of the leading bookstores specialized in comics and manga in Europe , founded by Norma Editorial.

In 2018 he received the award for the best comic book store in the world (the Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award). Because all comic book lovers need a reference space where to look for the usual jewels or the most anticipated news . A place that when you cross your door, transport the visitor to the dimension of the comic, leaving everything else behind, at least for a while. That is the power of the comic, the ability to provide total evasion.

The comic and its long wake

Although there is no formal classification of comics, they can be classified in American comic and European comic. The fundamental differences between the two are that in the creation of American comics several people are involved: pencil artist, inker, colorist, marker and screenwriter . However, in the European comic usually the same artist is in charge of the pencil and the ink . Another difference is that in the American comic a editorial line is followed, and in the European comic there is more freedom in the creation of arguments.

In a comic book store that boasts, you can not miss, in addition to the American and European comic, manga.

In Norma Comics, you can find the highlights of the American comic, European comic and manga, from different authors and publishers. Another facet derived from the evolution of the comic, and that already thickens an important part of its influence, is merchandising. 

DVD and Blueray, figures Mangas, Pop figures, cups, board games, clothes … In a perfect comic book store you can not miss anything described, and all this in a wide environment such as the 700 m2 that make up Norma Comics.

A space where you can find the news and funds of all Spanish publishers, merchandising and gift items that not only relate to the comic, but also to movies, TV and video games.


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