Crochet Wedding Dresses: Models, Photos and Tips

The fashion of wedding dresses keeps changing and if last season we saw the lace take over the windows, this time the one who is successful is the crochet, which left behind her fame as a grandma thing to become a full vintage piece of style and personality.

Check out tips for you to buy your ideal crochet dress!

The crochet

Now and then crochet reappears in fashion. This handicraft with a grandmother’s face turned into a fever, because currently who else can make a piece in crochet? You can see that handmade products have gained a sophisticated and exclusive status and with crochet it was no different.

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Done manually with a needle, crochet embroidery requires a lot of technique and dedication and this effort is reflected in the price of a dress, but we will talk about it later, turning the reason for crochet back on the scene, handicrafts pass from generation to generation and symbolize the union between the family.

Crochet is very much associated with simplicity, but if you want a refined dress, made with a more worked material, crochet allows that to happen. Instead of the traditional line, the bride can request that the work be done with silk or other more sophisticated fabric. To give a relaxed touch, instead of the white lining, you can use colors that highlight the braid even more.

Because it is extremely delicate, the crochet dress requires care and does not handle it with rings that can pull the stitch (especially if it is made of silk).

The dress and the bride

Crochet can have that romantic aura, but if done by expert hands, the piece can take on a modern and different look, especially if the braiding is creative. Search specialized magazines to find the points that best match your personality (the smaller points look better on delicate and romantic brides).

Wearing a colorful heel or a different hair piece can guarantee a bolder look to your look. (Bridal shoes | Photos and models)

If you value exclusivity, know that crochet is right for you – no piece comes out the same! In addition, crochet has the great advantage of being an unusual craft, mainly because it is difficult to find and because it takes a lot of work.

Crochet Wedding Dress Patterns

Asking someone in your family to make your crochet dress is a great way to cut costs, but I don’t know in your family, but grandmothers or mothers generally don’t like to be beaten when they’re working and if you ask for a different stitch it may be that they think you are being very ‘trendy’.

And another thing: manual labor can take months! See in advance if someone can do it for you or buy the dress online – for now the best online store with crochet dresses is “A Modista”,

Before choosing the piece, look for stores in your city or see if there are any seamstresses who do crochet. The value of the pieces varies according to the stitch, the fabric used, the size of the dress and the brand, if you buy it by a famous stylist, the dress can cost five thousand reais.

How to buy a wedding dress online

Wedding dresses are such a personal choice that many women keep their dress for years! And finding one that has everything you dreamed of is an arduous task, but possible: on the internet you find incredible models, super beautiful and delicate.

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But there is a catch; the dress needs to match your biotype and as it is not possible to make the test before ordering through the website, you need to find out the correct way to buy the piece without falling into trouble. Check out these tips:

  • Only buy in stores that make the dress tailored: this way there is no mistake that you have a piece that is too wide or does not fall as it should on your body.
  • Know in advance the models that suit you. We already talked here on our website which style of dress matches different types of bodies.
  • See if the store makes sewing changes after the dress is delivered.
  • Find out what changes can be made to the dress.
  • Don’t change your mind at the last minute: stores usually don’t make adjustments within a few weeks of the wedding.

Get inspired by these photos of beautiful models of crochet dresses and fall in love with each one! Then come tell us what you think of the dresses!


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