Rice vinegar

Vinegar of the rice : It is a soft vinegar extracted from the fermentation of the rice . Its color ranges from white to pale gold. It is the only vinegar used in Japanese cuisine, with which numerous dishes such as the popular Sushi are seasoned (what it does is intervene in the preparation of the rice that accompanies the fish. The rice vinegar has a subtle, but acidic flavor and is softer than other types of vinegar.


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Rice vinegar has a similar appearance to white wine vinegar , it can be almost transparent, straw colored or golden. Although our cuisine has arrived thanks to our foray into Japanese cuisine, we should not limit the use of rice vinegar to it, it is an ideal dressing for many other dishes , for our salads, vinaigrettes, vegetables, seafood, etc.

To make sushi the rice vinegar must be seasoned with other ingredients, then it is known as Sushizu, you can make it at home or buy it prepared. Sushizu is made up of rice vinegar or komezu, sugar, salt, mirin (rice wine with low alcohol content).

We can find vinegar from rice in diet, oriental and gourmet stores. We are talking about Japanese rice vinegar, which we personally like more than Chinese, as we like soft vinegars.

The vinegar of the Chinese rice is stronger, they also have a range of colors that go through red, brown and black, this is due to the variety of rice used to make the vinegar. Surely these rice vinegars also have their good culinary applications. This recipe could be incorporated into the salad dressing fix of all kinds, although mainly those that we want that have a peculiar touch since the raspberry vinegar is slightly bittersweet.

If we only stick to the preparation of the vinegar we can consider it as a compound vinegar, just as we did with the oils, since we will use a white vinegar to do it, in this case rice and a raspberry puree.


  • 200 g raspberries
  • 3 tablespoons of sugar
  • 150 ml of rice vinegar

We start by crushing the raspberries along with the sugar . Then we go through the Chinese to eliminate the seeds since they can be uncomfortable on the palate.

Homemade Rice Vinegar


  • 1 Glass of Wine Vinegar
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of salt
  • Round rice

Preparation of rice vinegar

  • Heat the vinegar, sugar and salt until everything is diluted and is thick.
  • Put in a saucepan the same amount of water as rice over uncovered high heat, and when it starts to boil cover and lower the heat in a total of about 16 minutes,
  • Cool, spread on a platter and top with the rice vinegar.


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