Research on masks, which is more effective?

People have many questions about the mask. What to do if I use a mask, but again I will use a mask. What is the CDC saying? What is the World Health Organization (WHO) saying? What are the big doctors saying? I will not go into that absurd debate. In the current context, the New York City mayor recommends using a mask even if it is outside. If the City Mayor or Governor of New York has any suggestions, it should be understood by the advisers. The use of masks during the outbreak of various diseases has come up as well as various types of research have been done on the formula of various questions. 

A study of different types of masks in 20 showed that n95 masks can trace up to 5 percent of tiny particles. Small particles, whose size here are found to be 1.5 microns. Many disagree on the shape of the tiny particles. Surgical masks, which are used by surgeons during operations, are the most commonly used surgical masks in the coroner’s global pandemic, with 5 percent effective and dental mask 5 percent effective. Research shows that cotton masks are effective at 5 percent. In the case of a handkerchief, a slim handkerchief is 2 percent effective, but 4 percent handkerchief is 4 percent effective. Another similar study, conducted by NIOSH, found that mask made of T-shirts made up 5 percent and mask made by Syed shirt fabric provided 25 percent to 5 percent protection. 

The study also said that towels protect 5 percent and the scarf provides 5 to 20 percent protection. Last April 5, 2021, researchers in Nature Medicine found that surgical masks reduce the presence of infectious virus in the lungs. Other studies, including surgical masks in Beijing and the 20th, reported similar data. In this global epidemic of Covid-1, there is no time to scrutinize the mask. For those who are health workers, serving patients, N-5 masks are a must. This is the most effective of the masks. However, it is not easy to work with later. Surgical masks are available but now they are in crisis. If you do not find it, a mask made of cloth can be worn. If nothing else, cover your face with a scarf or bandana.

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