How to use a sanitizer

The most important is to prevent the spread of Covid-1 Coronavirus by keeping hands clean. And you need to use soap-water and sanitizer to clean your hands. Here’s how to keep your hands sterile using a hand sanitizer: 
• Dry hands before using sanitizer
• Take half a teaspoon sanitizer in the palm of your hand
• Now rub on the palms of both hands
• Rub between the fingers and the back
• Rub well on the palms of the two hands
• Rub the back of the finger as well
• Do not wash hands after using sanitizer
Contextually, hand sanitizer destroys the organism in the hand. However, hand sanitizer is not enough to destroy all life forms. Soap-water is enough for this. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States of America has placed more emphasis on hand sanitization than with soap and water to prevent life-threatening diseases. 

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