How to request a paypal card with home delivery

The  Paypal card is a prepaid card that has managed to achieve great success , given its ease of use as regards top-up and money transfers.Here is the ideal procedure to be able to  request a Paypal card  and receive it directly at home.

The necessary to request a Paypal card.

There are three useful elements to make this request: the first of them is a  Paypal account , which can be created, free of charge, simply by registering on the Paypal website.
Those who do not have a Paypal online account will have to click on  Register  and fill  in the account activation form , choosing the type and entering their personal data, including the mobile number for activation.
The second element is a  bank account , the utility of which will be essential and the personal documents, or the identity document and those relating to the home address.
With these elements it will be You can request a Paypal card and receive it directly at home for free .

Sending the Paypal card request.

When a customer is in possession of all these elements, on the web he simply has to type the keywords Paypal Prepaid: the first result on the search browser is the one to be clicked on, since it will direct them to the official website of the Paypal card and its request form.

fter the customer clicks on the Request Paypal card item, the site will direct him to the platform that allows him to forward the request, that is, the one managed by Lottomaticard, the Paypal card manager. 

The customer will simply have to re-enter all his personal data, including those of residence and those relating to his email and telephone contacts.

The second step is to enter the identity document data, while the final step to request a Paypal card is to confirm the data that has been entered in the request form.
confirmation e-mail will arrive in the user’s  email  informing him of the correct submission of his request.

Activation of the Paypal card.

If the customer has correctly carried out the procedure, he  will receive the aforementioned card at his home but, in order to use it, he must proceed to activate it. 

To carry out this procedure, the applicant must make a bank transfer, with a sum of not less than 15 euros, made payable to the Paypal card, or must enter all the data relating to it when completing the form.

The money transferred to the card will activate  a procedure that will be carried out entirely by Paypal , or after about 10 days of recharging, the card owner will receive at his home, always free of charge, a letter containing two codes.

The first is the  PIN , which allows customers to use the card to make payments or purchases in real stores, while the second is the Puk, to be used in case you are mistaken, 3 times in succession, the PIN code , which results in the card being blocked.

The procedures for receiving the card at home are therefore very simple, but you have to  wait about 15 days before you can use it , if you opt for sending the card at home.

Let’s recap the procedure on how to request the paypal card directly at home

  1. Go to the Request Paypal site.
  2. .Press the get button.
  3. .Insert all personal and home contact details.
  4. .Confirm the cardholder documents.
  5. .Wait for this to arrive.
  6. . Make a top-up, not less than 15 euros, by bank transfer, entering the Paypal data.
  7. .Wait 10 days for sending the PIN and PUK codes.
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