How to deposit money to my PayPal account using my credit card?

Although it is true that these days there are several online payment platforms such as Paysafecard or PayPal. That allow us to send, receive, recharge, deposit or put money online, when we want to do it quickly, easily, and safely. Using our bank account or credit card.

Having said that, we can assure you that apart from Paysafecard, PayPal is one of the best. That is why this guide will focus more on the different doubts that users who know PayPal and know what it is and how it works. Because its use right now, it is implemented more frequently than other wallets, such as Paysafecard.

How to deposit or put money in PAYPAL without credit card or bank account?

This platform allows you to have, in addition to your digital account with which you buy, PayPal prepaid , debit or virtual credit cards. In addition to this, with the security that all transactions made will be monitored and you will be notified by email.

Today the PayPal platform operates in much of the world, being one of the best electronic payment companies, providing an excellent service for sales, purchases, payments and savings online.

For this reason, and due to the constant request and search of internet users who consult the web. We created a guide in which we will teach you how to recharge, deposit or put money in PayPal. Whether you have a bank account and a credit card, even if you find yourself without a credit or debit card.

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  1. How to deposit money to my PayPal account using my credit card?
  2. How to top up my PayPal account if I don’t have a bank account?
    1. Can I top up money to PayPal using cash?
    2. How to deposit money to my PayPal through an ATM?

How to deposit money to my PayPal account using my credit card?

In this first instance, we are going to teach you what are the steps that you have to follow if you intend to deposit money in PayPal. For this it is always convenient to have a bank account. Of course, having created a user in PayPal with your email. This will allow us to save a lot of time and annoying paperwork.

What you have to do to deposit money is to follow the steps that we are going to teach you below:

  • First of all, you have to open any browser you use often and enter the official PayPal website .
  • Once you have entered the site, you will have to register if you do not have an account. Or enter with your email and password if you have already registered.
  • When you have logged in, you have to go to My Wallet, and then to Add money or add funds.
  • A new window will open, in which you must go to Add money or top up money from your bank account in Spain. Of course, this is if you are in this country, although the steps in any other place are more or less the same.
  • When selecting this option, you will have to copy some data from there, among which are the name of the bank, the BIC and the IBAN.
  • Then you must go directly to the bank’s website, pasting the above data, so that you can make a transfer of fundsfrom your bank to the PayPal account without further delay.
  • Finished the previous step, you will have concluded this tutorial without much difficulty, so you have already managed to put money to be able to enjoy it in your PayPal account.

Of course, you have to consider that the accreditation of the balance in the PayPal account can take around 48 hours.

How to top up my PayPal account if I don’t have a bank account?

Well, we did not want to stop dwelling on the many queries that exist on the web regarding the possibility of recharging money in PayPal. Even when we do not have a bank account or we are without a credit card or debit card.

One of the most frequent doubts in handling this online service is whether it is possible to put money into PayPal without associating bank accounts or without a credit card. Well, there are those who do not feel comfortable placing their bank details on this type of platform.

There are many advantages offered by an online PayPal account, the most outstanding being the security they provide , because it keeps all the requirements provided by the user in a protected manner through a coding and encryption system.

It is inevitable that PayPal asks for your bank details, as this allows the platform to work securely. In case you want to top up your money in a PayPal account, but you don’t have a bank account, you ran out of credit card, or you just don’t want to enter your bank details . (you must remember that this information allows the platform to operate safely).

But if you do not wish to contribute them, fill out the registration form and you only have to skip the two steps “Pay with a bank account” and “Pay with my card”. This will allow you to receive balance in your PayPal user from third parties. Similarly, you will have your money available in the online account whenever you want to keep it there. You can also make purchases and pay for some services online. In this case your PayPal account will work as a digital wallet.

Can I top up money to PayPal using cash?

Although it is possible to top up your PayPal balance through your associated bank account, it is not possible to top up money directly to PayPal with cash. So the process would consist of depositing said currency in your associated bank , and then sending it to PayPal by traditional means. In this case, it could be said that if you recharged your balance on the platform with cash, but not directly.

How to deposit money to my PayPal through an ATM?

Well, as explained before, depositing money directly from ATMs is not possible on the platform. You must have a debit or credit card. In order to send money to your account balance and do it through traditional methods.

If you ran out of debit cards or without a credit card, it is also possible to resort to making transactions from an exchange or exchaing service.

On the other hand, you can make deals with third parties who have money in PayPal so that they send you balance , from their accounts and finalizing the operation with a direct transaction outside the platform between banks. In this case you can deposit your money into your bank account from ATMs without problems. So after being sent to another bank account.

If you want to use the last explained method of depositing your money, we recommend that you make sure of the trustworthiness of the person who will send you the balance. This is because this method is open to many scams and does not provide official PayPal refunds.

Therefore, we do not advise you to act in this way, if you are not sure or do not trust the person with whom you will make the agreement. If you are without a credit card or without a debit card. It is better that you contact the bank you use and carry out the necessary procedures, so that they grant you your cards. In this way you will be acting with the safest ways to put money into the platform.


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